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Your Beer and Food Costs in Real-Time. Really.

MarginEdge is a business management software that helps you manage your brewery and tap house operations and get real-time insight into your beer and food sales.

MarginEdge is FREE until October 2021

Understand your costs. Maximize your profits.

MarginEdge lets you track beer and food costs in real-time, automate invoice processing, and manage inventory and recipes from one central platform, so you can run your business more efficiently and more profitably.

Get real-time beer and food costs and dynamic recipe costing

See actual cost vs theoretical cost

Manage beer and food recipes and see pour and plate costs in real-time

Digitally manage inventories across multiple locations

Automate invoice processing with the snap of a picture

Integrate seamlessly between your POS and accounting


How does MarginEdge work?

You Take Pictures with
Your Smartphone

First, your team takes pics of purchase invoices and receipts using our mobile app. No more data entry, no more paper storage – that’s it. Really.

We Turn Your Pics
into Prices

With computer wizardry and human brainpower, we process everything you send within 24 hours, so all item-level detail is in MarginEdge. With prices updated constantly, your inventory and recipe prices are up-to-date… always.

You Get Immediate
Cost Tracking

MarginEdge connects to your POS, so we have your sales & purchase info, giving you virtually real-time food, beverage, liquor, and operating cost % tracking.

You Can Compare
Across Your Locations

Get an overall picture of your business operations – see all locations at a glance, and compare them by total budget or category budget. See who’s crushing it and who’s not – and let your managers know where they rank compared to their peers.

Get Theoretical vs.
Actual Costs

Want to see how much of the IPA you actually used compared to how many pints you sold? Track theoretical compared to actual usage of all ingredients, including food/beer, and make sure nothing is taking a bite out of profits.

Get Ahead of
Industry Trends

Don’t be surprised by price movements that sneak up on your profits. Easy-to-read price movers charts show you what’s happening with your vendor pricing. Plus, configure custom alerts to email you when key ingredient prices change.


Over 2,000 businesses trust MarginEdge.

Make your brewery more efficient and more profitable
MarginEdge is FREE until October 2021