DevOps Engineer

The Company

Founded and operated by former and current restaurant owners, MarginEdge’s mission is to create a world where restaurant operators can focus on the business they love. By eliminating unproductive paperwork and streamlining the flow of operational data, MarginEdge is reimagining the back office and freeing restaurants to spend more time on their culinary offerings and guest experiences. MarginEdge serves 1000 restaurants in 34 states, having now tripled sales for 3 consecutive years (no lie). We are on track to do it again this year and are looking for your help to keep it up! We are a venture capital backed company scaling up in an enormous market that’s just ripe for change.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to join a startup that is not PLANNING to grow, but is in the midst of explosive growth! Hop on board!

The Role

MarginEdge DevOps engineers do “operations” for our SaaS products with the tools, skills, and mindset of a developer. You will identify tedious work required to develop and run these products and automate it away so that the product team can focus on delivering value to our clients. So, what tools, skills, and mindset specifically?

  • Shell scripting, command-line tools, and Unix philosophy
  • Amazon Web Services: CloudFormation, EC2, ECS, RDS, S3, SES, SNS, SQS, DynamoDB, Lambda, etc, etc
  • At least a passing familiarity with Linux, especially RedHat derivatives
  • Familiar with what “Continuous Integration” and “Continuous Delivery” are and why they’re important
  • The phrases “configuration management” and “infrastructure as code” help you sleep at night
  • A healthy dose of paranoia regarding security and backups

What’s it like to work with you guys?

We are a small business that is incredibly dynamic and evolving daily. The office atmosphere is one of collaboration and creativity and independence and fun. If you like bureaucracy, micro-management, and boring meetings, well, you just won’t be happy here. You will be happy here if you want to work somewhere you can make a real impact – on a company, an entire industry and yourself.

Essential Functions / Responsibilities

  • Backup everything
  • Constant vigilance for bad security practices
  • Automate toil associated with developing and running a SaaS website and mobile application
  • Monitor important environments to find and fix problems before customers realize anything is wrong
  • Convert and build configuration/infrastructure as text so it can be audited and repeated
  • Polish the software deployment pipeline to a mirror finish so that we leave our competitors in the dust


  • Examples of automated solutions to common software development problems like deployment, configuration, testing, or monitoring
  • Real world production experience on AWS
  • A cursory understanding of web development: REST, HTTP, JavaScript, SQL, Linux, etc
  • Solid understanding of modern development team structures, bug trackers, pull requests, documentation principles, etc
  • Bachelors degree or equivalent

Think this job is for you?  Please share your resume, a brief intro letter, and anything else you want to tell us (have some fun with that if you like) - send to

MarginEdge is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and welcomes all qualified applicants. Applicants will receive fair and impartial consideration without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, religion or other legally protected status.