Streamline Ordering + Fulfillment

Placing/Receiving Orders

Restaurant units can use our online ordering feature to order from the commissary like a regular vendor. All orders flow into the Commissary unit’s Inbound Orders screen.

Updated Availability

If the commissary unit runs out of anything on an order, they can edit and remove the item.

Editing Orders

Restaurant and commissary units can also leave comments to each other on orders and the restaurant unit can continue to make edits to orders until the commissary disables it.

Track Orders

Email notifications will track the status of all orders flowing from the commissary unit.

Export Pack and Prep Lists

We make it easy to figure out what needs to be prepared and packed across multiple orders. Just select what you’re looking to prep or pack and we’ll create a downloadable list.

Lands in Accounting System

A journal entry is created for both the ordering restaurant unit and the commissary kitchen in your accounting software. Restaurant units can edit the quantity if it was not received in full.

Order Pricing

Determines at Cost Values

When you create recipes, we use the cost of ingredients to determine the “at cost” transfer price.

Real-time Updates

If the cost of any of your ingredients change, we automatically update the transfer cost of the recipe.

Add Markups to Cost

Once the cost price is calculated, you can also add fees like taxes, labor, or delivery – to reflect the product’s true value.


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