How does it work?

We put real-time reporting into your hands while taking back office paperwork off your plate.

You Take Pictures with Your Smartphone

We Turn Your Pics into Prices

You Get Immediate Cost Tracking

You Can Compare Across Your Locations

Get Theoretical vs. Actual Food Cost

Get Ahead of Industry Trends


We get it. Now more than ever.

In a world that depends on contactless interaction, MarginEdge makes it easy for our eight operating restaurants to share data with our Support Center. We are no longer entirely dependent on the transfer of physical documents, which has helped to support the health and safety of our team. The real time data, available to all of MarginEdge users whenever and wherever they need it, has also been vital as it has allowed us to be nimble and make critical decisions when they matter.”

Maggie O'Connor

Open Road Grill

Open Road Grill – Metropolitan Hospitality Group

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Connect Your POS, Take Photos Of Invoices And Let [me] Do The Magic

in annual sales data


POS systems

accounting systems


$1.321 B+
from invoices

Despite all that data, zero restaurants had to manually enter sales or invoice info.

Who the Hell Are We?

Imagine a software company that lives the business and treats you the way you treat your guests.

Founded by real-life restaurateurs, every member of the MarginEdge business development team has owned, managed or been an executive chef of a high-volume restaurant.


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