Labor Expense Management

With the right tools, labor is the most controllable cost to your restaurant. Know labor costs (and prime costs!) daily.

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Evaluate prime costs on your P&L – updated daily!

Don’t wait until the end of the period to discover your staffing strategy wasn’t in line with sales.

Track your actual labor costs vs. budgeted labor costs in real-time

We’ll show you if you’re on track to meet your labor spending goal throughout the period, alongside your other category budgets.

See a detailed labor summary

View labor costs broken out by category, employee, or job title. MarginEdge can give you the data you need to schedule efficiently for shifts by reviewing labor performances by day or by week.

One centralized location

MarginEdge keeps all of your labor data in one place. See all of your prime costs in one place so you’re not switching to different systems to get the whole picture.

Allocating costs of salaried employees is fully customizable

You can choose to attribute salary costs over five days a week, seven days a week, or any days you choose.

Keep wage and salary information private

Wage and salary data will only be accessible to designated users. You can give someone full permission to access labor data or only allow them to see labor rolled up on the P&L.

Changes made in your POS are auto-updated

When we pull in POS data (nightly) we’ll update any changes you made from your POS in our system too.

Free Until April. Really.

Our entire platform - Including our Labor Expense Management tool - is on the house until April 2021. No setup fee. No commitment. Free and unlimited training and support.

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Hourly and Salary Labor on the Daily Controllable P&L

Get a daily snap shot of your prime costs. See how labor costs are impacting the bottom line.

Labor Summary Page

See labor costs broken down by person and get a breakdown of each person’s total pay.

Labor Summary Page

See labor costs broken down by person and get a breakdown of each person’s total pay.

Hourly and Salary Labor in Budgets

View your Actual Payroll % daily as a percentage of sales.

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