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Open Road Grill, Metropolitan Hospitality Group, Merrifield, VA Open Road Grill, Metropolitan Hospitality Group, Merrifield, VA

$300 per month per location—that’s it.

As a team of former operators, we built MarginEdge to control variable costs—not to create them. One flat fee. Everything included. Really.

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Surprises are for birthdays, not businesses

MarginEdge is $300 per month, per location. We’re the only ones in the industry to offer an all-inclusive pricing model—so when we say no surprises at the end of the month, we mean it.

  • Unlimited invoices processed and bills paid
  • Free setup and unlimited support and assistance from our dedicated team
  • No-cost POS and accounting integrations
  • No hidden fees
  • No contracts

All this for one flat fee

  • Accounting integrations
  • Bill pay
  • Daily controllable P&L
    (plus labor)
  • Declining budgets
  • Food usage report
  • Inventory
  • Invoice processing
  • POS integrations
  • Price alerts
  • Recipe costing
  • Sales reporting
  • Support for commissary kitchens

I love the detailed cost tracking functionality and know the real-time data will help drive my business decisions as everything begins to reopen and ramp back up.

Brenda Yates
Owner, Tizley’s Europub

We have been using MarginEdge for a couple of years now and I can't imagine not having it in our daily routine. The data entry component alone saves a huge amount of time and more accurately shows our true cost of goods.

Matt Greer
Co-Founder, Caboose Brewing

There is no way an accountant can do everything that MarginEdge does for the same price and accuracy, nor should they want to. Highly recommend!!!

Raffi Yousefian
Owner, The Fork CPAs


Why don't you offer a tiered subscription model?

As restaurant operators and owners ourselves, we know running a restaurant is complex enough. We exist to make your back office straightforward and simple (as much as it can be). The same initiative extends to our pricing. That’s why we’re the only company in the industry to offer flat, all-inclusive pricing.

You’re really not going to charge me extra for all the invoices and bills we have?

Nope! You have enough variable costs in your restaurant and we don’t want to be one of them.

There really aren’t any set-up fees or cancellation fees?

None! We stand by our product. We’re pretty confident that once you start using MarginEdge, you won’t look back. And statistically speaking, that’s been the case for over 90% of our clients.

What payment plans are available?

We offer monthly billing or a once-and-done annual billing option for a 10% discount. Users can cancel the annual subscription at any time for a pro-rated refund.

I’m not a restaurant, I’m an accountant firm serving restaurants, what’s pricing like for us?

We love working with accounting groups and we can offer special pricing. If you haven’t yet, check out our page for restaurant accountants to learn more about how we work with accounting groups.

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  • Experienced
  • Automated
  • Uncomplicated

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