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Open Road Grill, Metropolitan Hospitality Group, Merrifield, VA Open Road Grill, Metropolitan Hospitality Group, Merrifield, VA

$330 per month per location. That’s it.

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As a team of former operators, we built MarginEdge as an all-inclusive platform to control variable costs—not create them.

Got a big back bar? Check out Freepour by MarginEdge.

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Surprises are for birthdays, not businesses

All-in-one software? Good. All-inclusive pricing? Even better. And we’re the only ones in the industry to offer it. We say no surprises at the end of the month and we mean it.

👇 Scroll down to see what $11 per day gets you.

  • Unlimited invoices processed (for everyone)
  • Unlimited bills paid (U.S.)
  • Unlimited Support
  • 1:1 software training for your team
  • No software contracts (leave any time)

Transparent pricing. Everything included.

* Toast users will incur a pass-through API fee

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$480 per month per location

For just $16 a day, you'll benefit from the accuracy of the Freepour smart scale and the full MarginEdge restaurant management system. 

  • Count your back bar in any order
  • Precise measurement without the guesswork
  • Food, liquor, and labor costs in real time

Freepour requires a one-time, $300 setup fee and a 12-month contract.

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There is no way an accountant can do everything that MarginEdge does for the same price and accuracy, nor should they want to. Highly recommend!!!

Raffi Yousefian
Owner, The Fork CPAs

Having data that we can give our individual operators about their top three, top five, or top 10 specific items that they can focus on to get the most return on their time spent managing that product is invaluable because otherwise, we're just flying blind

Aaron Mines
Director of Field Finance and Area Coach, South Block

Using MarginEdge is hugely helpful in running our business, especially in the challenging times we face today

Andrew Darneille
Smokecraft Modern BBQ


Why don't you offer a tiered subscription model?

As restaurant operators and owners ourselves, we know running a restaurant is complex enough. We exist to make your back office straightforward and simple (as much as it can be).

The same initiative extends to our pricing. That’s why we’re the only company in the industry to offer flat, all-inclusive pricing for our restaurant management system.

I'm a Toast user, what's a pass-through API fee?

Great question! API is a special type of integration that enables sales data from your POS to flow more reliably into MarginEdge (meaning more efficient performance reporting for you!).

In order to help maintain this integration for MarginEdge, Toast does charge additional fees to their partners for each location each month. This fee is separate to your monthly MarginEdge subscription, since MarginEdge passes this fee from Toast to you, but is visible in your subscription billing module.

What is the Restaurant Management Suite fee for Toast users?

To use Toast API integrations, Toast customers need to pay $50 per month per location for the Toast "Restaurant Management Suite" subscription. This subscription unlocks API integrations (the connection that allows your Toast sales to flow into MarginEdge) and provides Sales Benchmarking, Restaurant Analytics, and Menu Publishing. This subscription fee remains flat whether you add one or fifty integrations.

You’re really not going to charge me extra for all the invoices and bills we have?

Nope! You have enough variable costs in your restaurant and we don’t want to be one of them.

Bill Pay is free and unlimited for our US clients. We currently do not offer Bill Pay for our Canadian clients but are always working on increasing our service offerings!

Are there any set-up fees or cancellation fees?

MarginEdge subscription
There are no fees associated with setting up the MarginEdge software nor is there any fee to cancel. 

Freepour smart scale
When adding on Freepour, there is a one-time setup fee of $300, as well as a 12-month contract.


What payment plans are available?

MarginEdge subscription
MarginEdge offers a monthly billing for $330 per location or a once-and-done annual billing option for a 10% discount (which saves you $360 a year!). Users can cancel the annual subscription at any time for a pro-rated refund.

Freepour bundle
You can bundle the Freepour smart scale with your MarginEdge subscription for an additional $150 per location per month. The 10% discount (saving you $576 each year!) is also available if you choose to be billed annually. 


I’m not a restaurant, I’m an accountant firm serving restaurants, what’s pricing like for us?

We love working with accounting groups and we can offer special pricing. If you haven’t yet, check out our page for restaurant accountants to learn more about how we work with accounting groups.

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  • Experienced
  • Automated
  • Uncomplicated

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