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Eggspectation employee checking inventory

Inventory & food usage

Inventories are a lot of work. MarginEdge makes inventories work for you.

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Wasabi Sushi manually entering inventory

More palatable inventories

We know you’re reading about restaurant inventories because you have to, not because you want to. No one likes doing inventories, so we built MarginEdge’s inventory solutions with two goals in mind: make them easier and make them worth it. Better inventories mean better control over food costs. They power reports like Theoretical Usage—comparing how much product you should have used (based on sales and recipe quantities) to what you actually used (based on the inventory you still have on hand). That way you can see the gaps and take action immediately, not after the period has closed.


Product prices updated automatically

Raise your hand if you’re still using an excel spreadsheet on the back office computer that you have to sacrifice a small bird to just to get it to let you update new product prices. Or maybe your current software leaves you wondering if you were better off with the birds to begin with. Either way, there’s a better way. Because MarginEdge processes your invoices in 24-48 hours, product prices are automatically updated and new products are already on your inventory count sheets. No animal sacrifice required.

Inventory of meat being updated automatically
Employee working on inventory and customizable count sheets

Customizable count sheets

You probably don’t dream about being able to customize your count sheets at night. Or maybe you do, we’re not here to judge. We let restaurants organize inventories in the way that suits them best. Want multiple sheets for different areas in your restaurant, like the walk-in or the front bar, or to count products in different packaging units? No problem — and our platform does the math for you. We’ll also show you when the product was last purchased so you can plan for new orders better. You can even ditch the clipboard and take the inventory on your laptop or tablet.


Theoretical food usage reporting

Waste in kitchens is to be expected, but for large volume or high-priced items, every ounce or gram trimmed can add up. The Theoretical Usage Report shows food costs as soon as you close inventories, and highlights which food and beverage items need to be managed more closely to reduce waste and boost profitability. Because MarginEdge processes invoices by product, not vendor item, the report accounts for all quantities of the same product on hand, regardless of where they were purchased.

Beer being poured, margin between sold and used units
Burger21 in Tampa, Carrollwood, and Westchase Florida

Standardize inventories across multiple units

Running multiple locations means multiple problems trying to standardize count units and product categories. With MarginEdge, specifications can be made centrally so every product name, unit, and code is consistent across each location. You can set up your products once when you onboard and add them as new items having the same parameters carry over to each location. In the immortal words of Ina Garten, “How easy is that?”

See what restaurants are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Our marketing department will say anything to make us look good.

Before we had MarginEdge, we weren’t doing inventory so our food costs were just based on purchases. Now we’re incorporating inventory, and analyzing those changes in inventory has been really helpful from a food cost perspective.

Amanda Quintal
COO Pomegranate Hospitality

Since MarginEdge provides such meaningful data powered by inventories, we started taking them once a week. It is a huge pain, but if you do it, you’ll save a lot of money.

Ryan Johnston
Director of Accounting and IT, Burger 21

The broad feature set that ME offers has saved unknown time and money for our organization. MarginEdge is accessible from just about anywhere, invoices are simple to upload, inventory is a breeze to take and I’ve got data and PRIME COST at my fingertips. Amazing!

Karen Atwood
Owner/Operator, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers - Sarasota, FL

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