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Tafts Brewing Co. employee taking inventory Tafts Brewing Co. employee taking inventory

Inventory & ordering management

We built MarginEdge’s inventory solutions with two goals in mind: make them easier and make them worth it.

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Smokecraft BBQ owner taking inventory

Better inventories mean better food cost controls

We know you’re reading about inventory and ordering because you have to, not because you want to. Technology can't make counting inventory less tedious but it can make it faster and more impactful.


A count sheet that works for you

Maintaining products and prices on inventory sheets can take a lot time. What if you never had to do that again? 

  • Products and prices are automatically updated on your sheets as you order (across your locations) plus see previous inventory values to track trends
  • Count products in multiple packaging units—we'll do the conversion math for you
  • Take counts from your smartphone or tablet, even in sketchy walk-in wifi
smarter inventory sheets
liquor inventory

Scale back the inventory guesswork

With our smart scale, liquor inventory is down-to-the-milliliter-accurate and only takes minutes.

  • Scan & weigh in any order with a single tool
  • No more guesswork — stop fumbling with sliders or trying to convert eyeball measurements into actual decimals
  • Count up to 20 bottles per minute. Your next inventory will only take minutes, and you'll have your real-time liquor costs and theoreticals faster than ever.

Ordering and on-hand counts, side by side

Whether you're using a desktop or a smartphone, ordering for your restaurant has never been easier with order guides, EDI integration and inventory counts all in one place.

  • New vendor items are automatically added to existing guides (and can always be customized!)
  • Multi-units can centrally manage guides for some or all locations
  • Easily set and see pars, on-hand and last count amounts for specific products on order guides (so no more flipping back and forth to determine order quantities)
food usage reporting

Know your variance in a simpler way

Waste in your restaurant can either be a big problem or a big opportunity. Either way, the first step is knowing where it’s happening.

  • Food usage reports automatically update as soon as inventories are closed
  • Track waste in your log and see those numbers pull through to your theoretical reports for extremely accurate food costs
  • Theoretical Usage report quickly shows which products & categories have the biggest variance

If only sharing food was always this easy

MarginEdge allows your restaurants to transfer products and recipes between locations with everything reflected in our platform and your accounting system. 

  • Manage bi-directional product transfers across your restaurants
  • We automatically adjust the books adding products here and subtracting them there (with updated prices!)
  • Track category totals, rather than physical products, and mark up transferred products as needed
transfer products amongst all your locations
commissary kitchen preps for multiple locations

No more commissary complications

Have one central commissary location serving multiple locations? We got you!

  • We treat your commissary as an outside vendor, keeping both entities separate and providing up-to-date journal entries documenting each transaction
  • Product price updates flow automatically between restaurant unit(s) and the commissary kitchen, no need to worry about reconciliation
  • Email automation simplifies communication between the ordering and commissary kitchens to track order status

See what restaurants are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Our marketing department will say anything to make us look good.

Before we had MarginEdge, we weren’t doing inventory so our food costs were just based on purchases. Now we’re incorporating inventory, and analyzing those changes in inventory has been really helpful from a food cost perspective.

Amanda Quintal
COO Pomegranate Hospitality

Since MarginEdge provides such meaningful data powered by inventories, we started taking them once a week. It is a huge pain, but if you do it, you’ll save a lot of money.

Ryan Johnston
Director of Accounting and IT, Burger 21

The broad feature set that [me] offers has saved unknown time and money for our organization. MarginEdge is accessible from just about anywhere, invoices are simple to upload, inventory is a breeze to take and I’ve got data and PRIME COST at my fingertips. Amazing!

Karen Atwood
Owner/Operator, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers - Sarasota, FL

Back kitchen with employees cooking
  • Experienced
  • Automated
  • Uncomplicated

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