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Burger 21 Tampa, Twenty Locations Burger 21 Tampa, Twenty Locations

Restaurant recipe management and menu analysis

Recipes are at the heart of your business. They deserve a centralized solution.

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Measuring recipe portions with scale

The right recipe for success (ba-dum tss!)

Recipes impact everything from profitability to staff training. MarginEdge’s recipe management is a centralized solution that calculates plate costs, automatically updates ingredient prices for you, and provides a single, shared playbook for your entire team, even if you have multiple locations.


Keeping plate costs up-to-date

As MarginEdge processes your invoices in 24-48 hours, you can monitor and adjust plate costs immediately. You’re able to see food cost percentages by recipe, that update continuously as costs change.

Recipe plate cost
Plate cost calculation

Train staff with consistent kitchen displays

Only one person knows how to make the potato salad?! Those days are over. Our recipe feature not only calculates plate costs but also includes a kitchen display feature that can be viewed on KDS or tablets. And because MarginEdge is a centralized platform across multiple locations for multi-units, recipe changes stay consistent for all locations.


Deep dive into menu analysis

MarginEdge’s menu analysis feature allows you to see theoretical costs based on real-time ingredient prices and PMIX data to pinpoint profitable and high-volume items. You can also compare menu items within a specific category, like appetizers, entrees, or desserts, to see which plates are contributing the most to profitability and which aren’t. Menu engineering has long been one of those things you know you should be doing more often (or just doing in general), but haven’t had the time. Now, you can.

Recipe menu analysis, plated pizza

See what restaurants are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Our marketing department will say anything to make us look good.

With MarginEdge, we now have a system running on Kindles that shows ingredients, procedures and pictures - it‘s easily navigated, searchable, and shareable across locations.

Stephen Lyons
Corporate Executive Chef, Clyde’s Restaurant Group, Washington, DC

MarginEdge’s dynamic recipe costing allows us to understand what’s happening on the plate and how it affects the bottom line.

Todd Enany
Co-Founder, Sunday in Brooklyn

The unification of our recipe changes, based on MarginEdge cost tracking data, and kitchen recipe display functionality has been huge for us. It saves a lot of time communicating to our restaurants and prevents important changes from being lost in the noise.

Ryan Johnston
Director of Accounting and IT, Burger 21

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