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Fountainhead Pub, Vancouver, B.C. Fountainhead Pub, Vancouver, B.C.

Cost management

See practically every aspect of your restaurant’s costs and get profitability insights, all from the same platform.

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Get a snapshot of your financial health

With margins so tight, every penny counts. Daily reporting—fueled by real-time sales and invoice data—means you have what you need to make the right decisions for your restaurant right now, not at the end of the period.


Get your final P&L in days, not weeks

When daily sales from your POS is combined with the expense data from invoice processing, you and your accounting team get a daily profit and loss statement updated in real time.

  • None of the manual data entry, all of the powerful financial insights
  • Prime Costs are at your fingertips and auto-calculated for each of your locations
  • Customize expense categories the way you need it or use default categories based on best practices
Cost budget visual

Stay out of the red to keep making that green

Within 24-48 hours of receiving invoices, both operators and accounting teams get an up-to-date visualization of where the budget is in real-time.

  • Easily see your spend so you know whether you’re under budget or overspending
  • Set custom financial categories or just focus on watching the basics like COGS, labor, supplies and operating expenses
  • Keep everyone accountable and seeing the same numbers with an easily viewed, cloud-based dashboard

Price monitoring without manual effort

Product prices fluctuate like there’s no tomorrow, so with MarginEdge’s Price Movers and Alerts, you can easily catch misbehaving prices before they hit your menu.

  • Track how much prices are increasing (compared to your past invoices) at the product level before it catches up to your P&L
  • Quickly spot biggest price movers and their total impact based on how much you’ve purchased
  • Set custom alerts anytime a vendor item comes in above or below a set price
mobile price alert
sales performance report

Faster data and fewer mistakes

MarginEdge pulls your sales every night—eliminating manual data entry, reducing errors, and providing you powerful reporting.

  • Daily email highlighting yesterday's sales performance compared to last year's and regional benchmarks
  • Daily sales entries (DSRs) are automatically sent to accounting using your G/L format
  • Sales data powers PMIX reporting that calculates your theoretical product usage by comparing products sold vs. actual amounts used

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Theoretical vs. actual usage reporting

Track waste and identify trends without manual calculations. These reports help you purchase better, train better and save better.

  • Understand your usage so you know which food and beverage items need to be managed more closely
  • Reduce waste and increase profits
  • Track variance for all quantities of the same product, regardless of the vendor you purchased them from

More on food usage

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See what restaurants are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Our marketing department will say anything to make us look good.

Having to hold our vendors accountable for price increases throughout the month can be difficult. With MarginEdge we are able to set price alerts on high-cost items so that when they're any price changes, it will alert us immediately once the invoice has been entered

Chris Arreola
Owner of On Swann and Oak, and Ola Restaurant; Tampa, FL

Even with reliable vendors, locked-in prices, and a consistent menu, we use price alerts to show us human error – whether something’s entered incorrectly or we have the wrong pack size or something

Amanda Quintal
COO Pomegranate Hospitality

Adding labor analytics has further bolstered the impact that MarginEdge has on our operations. Our management teams now utilize the automated, real-time Controllable P&L tool to control the Big Three: Sales, Food and Labor.

Dan Tufts
Buffalo Wing Factory

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