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Trish Fields of Bookkeeping Solutions & Consulting approves invoices Trish Fields of Bookkeeping Solutions & Consulting approves invoices

Simplify your workflow

The only Accounts Payable automation solution built exclusively for restaurants, their vendors and their accountants.

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All-in-one so you get more done

Much like your restaurant's trusty immersion blender, an end-to-end accounts payable solution makes things so much smoother. Using MarginEdge to digitize, approve and pay your vendor invoices will save you time, effort and ensure your data is more accurate.


Gather insights, not invoices

Eliminate time spent tracking down, keying in and coding invoices. You and your team can focus on sharing actionable insights for your restaurant.

  • We make it easy for restaurant staff to upload invoices to our software—kiss data entry and bookkeeper pickups goodbye
  • Real, human eyeballs spot check invoices to make sure they are correctly coded according to your chart of accounts
  • Fewer opportunities for errors mean better quality data to fuel your financial reporting
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Invoice approvals

Approve invoices in your sleep

Set up a review process to control approval of your restaurant's expenses before they’re sent to your accounting system.

  • Set approvals rules for product categories and vendors
  • See all expenses on one screen, in one place
  • Or save time by skipping this process and automatically exporting invoices to accounting

Paying your bills shouldn't cost you more

We make it easy to pay unlimited bills through our restaurant-centric platform, at no extra cost. Never print, stuff, stamp or lick slightly sweet envelope glue again.

  • Control your cash flow with auto-payments, partial payments or you can schedule payments for the future
  • Nurture strong vendor relationships with faster, more efficient payment processing (and we track all your credits so you never pay more than you owe)
  • Pay all your bills in seconds and push that payment data to your accounting systems to stay in sync

*Bill Pay is only available in the U.S. (for now!)

Manage paying bills online
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Don’t forget your accounting system

MarginEdge sends sales journals, invoice expense data, bill payments, and inventory adjustments to your accounting system on a daily basis, meaning—drum roll please—no more manual data entry!

  • We offer a bazillion (roughly) security and control options for how your information is sent
  • Our 'close books' feature ensures invoices stay in the correct period and all your financial reports remain accurate
  • You can split products across multiple categories, like 50% of your lemons can count as “produce” and the other 50% as “bar supplies”

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Financials at your fingertips

The combination of accurate purchase data (from all those invoices) and sales data from the POS gives you the real-time data you need to make more better financial decisions.

  • Daily prime costs ensures you can make strategic decisions in the moment
  • Visual budget tracking keeps your team on target throughout the period
  • Performance tools help you monitor sales by category, track moving averages and compare year-over-year performance

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See what restaurants are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Our marketing department will say anything to make us look good.

Bill Pay was a game changer for us. Even after we started onboarding some technology, I was manually signing dozens and dozens of checks every week then putting on postage and mailing them out physically. The time savings alone has just been ten to twenty hours a week.

Tom Maroulakos
Co-Founder, Skopos Hospitality Group

As a multi-unit operator, I would never go back to the old way of paying bills. MarginEdge Bill Pay is intuitive and user friendly, and I highly recommend it.

Dan Tufts
Director of Operations, Buffalo Wing Factory

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