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Skopos Hospitality Group Saves 10-20 Hours per Week with MarginEdge


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As a growing restaurant group in New Jersey, Skopos Hospitality was looking for ways to streamline their operations and have better insights into the performance and profitability of each of their seven locations. MarginEdge was their answer. With MarginEdge, managers and executives across their organization have access to real-time information to help them better manage food costs and inventory proactively, rather than making reactive changes at the end of the period. As the company continues to grow, MarginEdge has also helped streamline administrative processes and greatly reduced the amount of manual data entry required. With MarginEdge, invoices are processed automatically, the information flows seamlessly into Skopos’ accounting system, and bills can be paid with the click of a button, saving the Skopos team an average of 10-20 hours per week.

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