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Skopos Hospitality Video


Skopos Hospitality Group

Skopos Hospitality is an award-winning collection of restaurants taking both food and hospitality to new heights in New Jersey. See how MarginEdge helped their team manage food costs and inventory in real time instead of at the end of the period.

Skopos Hospitality Group
  • Location:  New Jersey
  • # of Restaurants:  7 (12 now!)
  • Type:  Polished Casual
  • Tech Stack:  Upserve, QuickBooks, meez
The goal

As a growing restaurant group, Skopos Hospitality was looking for ways to streamline their operations and have better insights into the performance and profitability of each of their locations. 

[me] solution

With MarginEdge, invoices are processed automatically, the information flows seamlessly into QuickBooks, and bills can be paid with the click of a button, saving the Skopos team an average of 10-20 hours per week.

MarginEdge has significantly affected the organization from top to bottom. It hits on all levels from the ownership, the partners, even our inventors. MarginEdge offers invoice scanning, real-time allocations, usually within 24 hours of an invoice being received.

Matthew Passero | CFO

Complete cost controls

MarginEdge helps CFO Matthew Passero better manage food costs across his restaurants with:

Automated invoice processing
Invoice processing

With MarginEdge’s 24-48 hour invoice processing, the Skopos Hospitality Group can see their entire organization’s margins and evaluate their company as a whole.

Invoice processing tools
Theoretical food usage
Theoretical food usage

With the use of MarginEdge’s theoretical food usage, Matthew is proactively managing his margins at all locations.

Food usage tools
Bill Payments
Bill Payments

With bills paid with the click of a button, Matthew significantly reduced the time it takes for his team to pay their bills each month.

AP automation
  • Experienced
  • Automated
  • Uncomplicated

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