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Grow and scale your business

MarginEdge is the end-to-end solution that helps you track and manage everything coming into your client's restaurant, while taking the data entry off your plate. Spend more time adding value and scaling your business.

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Simplify your A/P process

All this available with our exclusive accountant-only product, [me] finance.

Automate manual processes
Save Time

Automate manual processes

We automatically import sales and labor data every night and post it in real-time to accounting. You and your clients won’t have to enter invoice data ever again manually.

  • Get accurate, automated reports.
  • Invoices are processed to the line item level.
  • Streamlines client communication.
Save money

Pay bills for free*

Don’t pay fees to pay bills any more. Line-item details of your invoices are processed in as little as 24 hours. View all unpaid invoices on a single screen and sort them by due date, vendor and payment status. Already using BILL? We can support your transition to MarginEdge.

  • Streamline A/P process.
  • Save time on cutting checks.
  • Set and forget with Auto Pay.
*Bill Pay is only available to U.S. customers (for now!)
Pay bills for free
Scale your business
Add Value

Scale your business

Grow your client base with lower labor costs. Our platform turns data into powerful reports that help you track and manage everything coming into your client’s restaurant. 

  • Focus on adding value.
  • Digitize all documents.
  • Provide detailed reporting efficiently.

Accounting Partner Network

Selected as Intuit's first restaurant industry unified solution provider, our Accounting Partner Network loves partnering with us because the data is cleaner, the processes smoother and the financial results can be provided to their clients in real-time. Our Accounting Partner Network members provide exceptional service to their restaurant clients and understand the nuances of the industry – leveraging our platform in conjunction with their practice to bring best-in-class service to our mutual customers. Grow your practice with our best-in-class software.

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See what accountants are saying

"MarginEdge allows us to streamline vendor bill payments and statement reconciliation. It’s a win-win."

Raffi Yousefian
Owner, The Fork CPA

"MarginEdge is a wonderful partner to our restaurant clients."

Alistair Levine

"With MarginEdge the team does more of the management-level work instead of the data-entry clerk work."

Susan Eder
Cue the Accountant


Accountant Plans

[me] finance
$100/month* *pricing listed is for annual subscriptions The [me] finance platform turns invoice and sales data into powerful reports to help you track and manage everything coming into your client’s restaurant, while taking data entry off your plate.
  • Check Seamless POS & accounting integrations
  • Check Easy (and digital) invoice processing
  • Check Free & unlimited electronic bill payments
  • Check Live COGS & budget tracking
[me] RMS
$300/month* *pricing listed is for annual subscriptions The [me] Restaurant Management System builds on the real-time reporting of [me] finance, while also offering your clients best-in-class tools to provide actionable insights for their restaurant.
  • Check Everything in [me] finance
  • Check Product price monitoring & alerts
  • Check Easier inventory management tools
  • Check Digital recipes with robust menu analysis
Note: Toast Partner Connect Portal users will incur an additional monthly API fee

Seamless integrations

MarginEdge integrates with the accounting software you and your clients already use.

  • Experienced
  • Automated
  • Uncomplicated

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