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QuickBooks + MarginEdge

A full stack solution for invoice processing, restaurant management and accounting.

How we work with QuickBooks

How we work

  1. 1

    Connect [me] to your POS and to QuickBooks
    Once connected, MarginEdge automatically sends your sales data to QuickBooks each night.

  2. 2

    Send us your invoices
    We process and digitize all your invoices (even the handwritten ones). No more data entry, ever.

  3. 3

    Track your costs in near real time
    We combine your sales and purchase data to give you immediate cost tracking.


A Full Stack Solution

Unlock powerful functionality.

With our QuickBooks Migration Support, you’ll gain all of the benefits of QuickBooks Online with none of the hassle of making the switch. MarginEdge clients can easily upgrade to QuickBooks Online with our free migration service (minimum $2000 value). Book a free session with our QuickBooks migration specialist today to find out more. MarginEdge also offers discounts on QuickBooks products. See our latest offers here.


Integration benefits

Automated Invoice Processing
Automated Invoice Processing

Submit invoices via photos through the app, email, platform upload or EDI. Products and SKUs are related across vendors and directly synced to the QuickBooks.

Daily Controllable P&L
Daily Controllable P&L

No more waiting until the end of the month for your numbers. MarginEdge processes orders, records inventories and pulls your sales data nightly to create daily actionable reports. 

Seamless Accounting Integration

Native integration means your data is transferred to QuickBooks in real time without the need for manual data entry. Spend your time on analysis instead of keystrokes!

Better inventory tools
Better Inventory Tools

New items (and item prices) are automatically added to customizable inventory sheets. Plus you can take inventory from a phone or tablet.

Menu Costing and Analysis
Menu Costing & Analysis

Cost out prep and menu items with automatically-updated product prices to quickly see profitability. Price alerts notify clients when an ingredient cost has passed a set price point.

Free Bill Pay
Free Bill Pay Platform

Pay your bills from MarginEdge and we will automatically note the payments in QuickBooks. Bill Pay is included with every RMS subscription and there’s no limit on the number of payments you can make each month.

Integration FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about our integration with Intuit QuickBooks.

What data does MarginEdge send to QuickBooks?

MarginEdge sends invoices and journal entries (sales data, inventory adjustments and non-AP expenses). Invoices, sent as bills, show up in Accounts Payable (AP). 

You can choose to be the gate-keeper for what MarginEdge sends to QuickBooks (“manual mode”) or you can choose to let the data send automatically (“auto mode”).

NOTE: Just to be SUPER clear, MarginEdge is not looking at your financials, nor will we modify any configurations you or your bookkeeper have set up in QuickBooks.

Ok, but what will this data actually look like in QuickBooks?

Here are some sample screenshots that will hopefully help!

Sample Sales Journal Entry (QuickBooks Online)

Sample Sales Journal Entry (QuickBooks Desktop)

Sample invoice (QuickBooks Online)

Sample invoice (QuickBooks Desktop)

Will I have control over the content and the timing of what comes into QuickBooks?

Absolutely! You have complete control over what content is sent and when it is sent to QuickBooks — MarginEdge is only delivering data into your system (i.e. less data entry for you!).

You control what data is sent to QuickBooks
During onboarding, you can determine how your invoices are coded. From then on, you can control category totals, payment dates and vendors for those invoices. You also have full control over your sales entries (what categories they are associated with and what lines area included) and your inventory adjustments.

You control when your data is sent to QuickBooks
By default, your export settings in MarginEdge will be "manual mode", i.e. nothing is sent to your accounting system without your authorization and approval. For your convenience, invoices can flow automatically into QuickBooks without any layers of approval (auto mode) once you feel comfortable with the process.

Does MarginEdge change my vendors or chart of accounts?

No. MarginEdge will not change your vendors and will not edit or update your chart of accounts in QuickBooks in any way. We also do not modify any configurations you or your accountant or bookkeeper have set up.

We do, however, reference your chart of accounts to ensure that we’re categorizing your data the way you want.

Are there any additional integration fees?

There are no additional fees to connect your QuickBooks and MarginEdge accounts.

What if I have a problem with my QuickBooks connection?

You can contact for assistance at any time (totally free with your subscription). It’s a team full of [me] experts, 100% human — no support bots here — and who aim to reply to you within 2 business hours.

Do you have any MarginEdge + QuickBooks case studies?

Yes! You can read about how BisontePizza Co. found a better way to manage the complexity of his family restaurant business by using MarginEdge and QuickBooks together: A QuickBooks MarginEdge Success Story (PDF)

Since the categories list is consistent, the profit and loss reports across locations are consistent. That gives us the best ability to have a true apples-to-apples comparison. It’s huge to be able to help your franchisees improve performance and know that the comparison is uniform.

Ryan Johnston
Director of Accounting and IT, Burger 21

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