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Buffalo Wing Factory, Chantilly, VA Buffalo Wing Factory, Chantilly, VA

Restaurant back office efficiencies

Whether it’s ordering, paying bills, or making transfers— we’ve got you covered.

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All-in-one, so you can get more done

Using a holistically-integrated restaurant back-office software solution makes sense in the same way as having your back of house and front of house work together makes sense. This seems obvious, but if you’ve ever experienced a time where they aren’t playing nice with each other then you know how much harder it is to get things done. When they work together, it’s like a dance where everything flows, things get done, and your work feels much easier. The same goes for your back-office software.


Sales data from your POS

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with almost any POS system (or systems) you use. Meaning even if you’ve got one POS for table ordering and another at the register, MarginEdge pulls your sales and labor data nightly and uses the information to power everything from menu analysis to daily P&L reports. We also send daily sales entries to accounting using your G/L codes and have consolidated sales reports so that multi-unit managers can see and compare sales across locations in one place. Other back-office software solutions might require you to switch to their preferred POS in order to use their platform, but we leave that choice up to you.

Marginedge POS partners
MarginEdge accounting partners

Don’t forget about your accounting system

MarginEdge sends sales, invoice, bill pay, and inventory data to your accounting system on a daily basis, meaning—drum roll please—no more manual data entry! We offer a bazillion (roughly) security and control options for how your information is sent, including locking vendors to only use specific, approved categories and we offer granular data management from the platform to your chart of accounts. You can also split products into multiple categories, like 50% of your lemons can count as “produce” and the other 50% as “bar supplies”.


Order up!

With MarginEdge’s online ordering feature, you can order products from any vendor directly through our software. When new vendor items pop up, they are automatically added to existing guides and can be controlled manually. Multi-units can also centrally manage order guides for some or all locations, and everyone can easily set pars for products and on-hand amounts.

Restaurant online ordering software
Manager paying bills online

Paying your bills should not cost you more

We make it easy to pay bills for free through our platform so you never have to stuff, stamp, or lick slightly sweet envelope glue again! Vendor setup data is auto-populated for most accounting systems, including payment terms, account numbers, addresses and more. You can schedule bills for future payments, or even pay in partial amounts, and we’ll track the balance. Did we mention it's unlimited?

*Bill Pay is only available in the U.S. (for now!)


Easily transfer between multi-unit locations

MarginEdge allows your restaurants to transfer products and recipes between locations with everything reflected in our platform and your accounting system. All you have to do is fill out a simple form directly in our software denoting what you’re transferring, which location is receiving it and what the transfer cost is.

recipe transfer between restaurants- Denizens brewing co
Commissary kitchen graphic/prepping food

Commissary kitchen capabilities

We treat your commissary as an outside vendor, keeping both entities separate and all transfers accurately accounted for. Product pricing updates flow between your restaurant unit(s) and the commissary kitchen, so you never need to worry about reconciliation. Managing order communication is also simple with automatic emails between the ordering and commissary kitchens sent anytime there is a new inbound order, and ordering restaurants can check order status along the way. Once orders are completed, both the ordering restaurant unit and the commissary kitchen will have up-to-date journal entries documenting each transaction.

See what restaurants are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Our marketing department will say anything to make us look good.

As a multi-unit operator, I would never go back to the old way of paying bills. MarginEdge Bill Pay is intuitive and user friendly, and I highly recommend it.

Dan Tufts
Director of Operations, Buffalo Wing Factory

The ordering features make the process much more accurate and far easier for the operators to order from our commissary.

Nate Berkowitz
Director of Finance, Clover Food Lab

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