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Denizens Brewing Co. – Maryland, 2 units

You’ve got a restaurant ➔ you’ve got constant bills to pay. You probably have tons of vendors between your food and beverage, kitchen equipment, utilities, and subscriptions, who you pay with several different payment methods: autopay, mailed checks, e-checks, or payment platforms. Even just keeping all your payables straight can be a task in itself, let alone the actual work it takes to enter data and mail checks.

If you think about how much time it takes for you or someone on your team to pay bills each month, and how much your or their time is worth, plus all the supplies involved with printing and mailing checks or payment platforms – the cost of paying bills isn’t insignificant.

Reducing time spent on this function, while managing cash flow and keeping vendors happy with on-time payments can feel like a balancing act.

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Simplify the Way You Pay Bills

As a MarginEdge client, there’s a better way to pay bills! Since we’re already processing your invoices and talking to your accounting system, you can just choose the invoices you want to pay right from our platform, and voila: the payments are sent and synced to your accounting system.

You can skip manually writing and mailing checks, or entering the same information into multiple systems; by consolidating your payments under one system, you simplify your processes while ensuring you don’t miss anything.

MarginEdge Bill Pay

Rather than spending money on envelopes and stamps or paying another third party system, MarginEdge Bill Pay is already included in your subscription. And it covers unlimited bill payments!

Get Started with Bill Pay

Our Bill Pay platform is designed to be simple and take up the least amount of time possible – starting with the set up process. All we need from you is your bank account information and vendor details. You don’t need to worry about giving us sensitive information – we follow strict encryption protocols to ensure all your financial data is secure. Plus, you can set up permissions on your end so only certain users can initiate payments.

Join the many MarginEdge clients who’ve saved tons of time, money, and headaches with our Bill Pay feature!

Learn more about each step to set up Bill Pay Get Started with Bill Pay.

 What Customers Are Saying About Bill Pay

 “MarginEdge Bill Pay is fast, efficient, and easy to use! Two clicks and you are done. We use multiple platforms each week and by far, MarginEdge Bill Pay is the BEST!”

Rich Dunham, Chief Operations Officer, The Largo Group, LLC

 “Using Bill Pay for 5 locations has immensely reduced the amount of time I spend on paying weekly bills from an all morning endeavor to about an hour. I have more time to focus on my other financial responsibilities.”

Neal Shaivitz, Controller, Mid-Atlantic Eateries, Inc.

 “MarginEdge Bill Pay helps us not only pay invoices but also gain an insight into our full purchasing lifecycle. While we place orders, track accounts payables, and issue vendor payments, MarginEdge amasses the wealth of information that we then use to make business decisions, and this information is real-time, actionable and at our fingertips.”

Ilya Alter, Owner, Dacha Beer Garden

MarginEdge Bill Pay