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Rosedale Restaurant, New Orleans, LA Rosedale Restaurant, New Orleans, LA

Automated invoice processing

Upload invoices the way you want to. Categorize products the way you need to.

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Chef plating a meal

No one gets into the restaurant business for the paperwork

Ok — maybe we did. With automated invoice processing, we’re here to make sure restaurants never have to manually enter invoice data ever again. The information your invoices hold should be more than just paper sitting on a desk. Upload your invoices the way you want, and we’ll categorize them in a way that works for you and your team. Our platform turns that data into powerful reports that help you track and manage everything coming into your restaurant, so you can focus on what's going out.

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Product-specific categorization

For a kitchen, a green onion is a green onion, whether it’s sold to you as a “scallion”, “onion, green”, or any other name. We think your restaurant management system should see green onions the same way you do. That’s why we map and relate your invoice data by product, not by what each of your vendors calls them. We can track product prices as new invoices come in, minimize coding mistakes, and get you accurate insight into your current food costs.

Invoice automation for green onions
Invoice mobile upload

Sending us invoices

Whether invoices are scanned, emailed, uploaded, ordered through EDI on our platform, or sent by snapping a picture on our mobile app, we’ll take ‘em — even if they’re handwritten scribbles that only Chef Tony understands. They are processed in 24-48 hours so you have an up-to-date, accurate picture of food costs. Our powerful combination of tech and actual humans with actual restaurant experience (fluent in Chef Tony's handwriting) are able to capture those nuances and turn them into digital invoices and information you can use—not just information you have to correct.


Invoice approval

You can set up category and vendor rules, review invoices before they’re sent to accounting, and see all your invoices requiring review on one screen. Whether you want a little control or a lot, we help you make changes when you want so you can set it and forget it. Kind of like an invoice crockpot.

Invoice approval
Invoice reporting summary

Reporting powered by invoices

In the same way you need your POS to tell you how much you’re selling, you need invoices to tell you how much you're buying. Want up-to-date food costs? You need recent invoices. Want to monitor plate and live recipe costing? Invoices. Simplify and pre-fill inventory count sheets? You guessed it — invoices. Digitizing your invoices also prevents late payments or having numbers missing from your P&L. All it takes is a photo, and all that power is at your fingertips in one centralized place.

See what restaurants are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Our marketing department will say anything to make us look good.

We deal with a ton of invoices. MarginEdge has streamlined this nightmare so my team can focus on what matters – the restaurant’s operations – instead of being buried in the minutiae of the paperwork.

John Hinkle
President of Mid-Atlantic Eateries (Eggspectations Franchisee), Board Member
Restaurant Association of Maryland

MarginEdge software and support services have so dramatically improved the way we process invoices and monitor critical costs that we credit it for producing the most profits we’ve ever achieved period after period! Most important, used daily, it has trained my people to think about costs and look for inefficiencies!!! And so easy to use.

Greg Casten
Owner/Operator Ivy City Smokehouse, Tony & Joe’s, Nick’s River Place Chair, Restaurant Association of Metro Washington 2011‐2013

Just rolling out the system to process invoices immediately saved hours of my life because I had been inputting them manually… What used to take me two days each month, now takes two hours.

Emily Bruno

Chief Administration Officer, Denizens Brewing Co - Silver Spring, MD.

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