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Automated invoice processing

You take a picture. We take care of the rest.

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restaurant paperwork

No one gets into the restaurant business for the paperwork.

Ok — maybe we did. 😊

Never enter and code invoice data again. Let [me] help you reclaim your time so you can spend it doing more of what you love.


Many ways to send, one place to look

Turn your invoices into information you can use this week — not after the period ends.

  • Five ways to send - scan, upload, email, snap a photo with your smartphone, or order through EDI
  • Digital copies are shared and stored so you can kiss paper storage and bookkeeper pickups goodbye
  • Automatically send your invoice line-item data to your accounting system
Invoice mobile upload
Invoice automation for green onions

86 time spent on admin tasks

We automatically update product prices as new invoices come in minimizing mistakes, saving your team hours of work and giving you accurate insight into your food costs.

  • Invoices are coded in under 48 hours so you have up-to-date and accurate food costs
  • Nuances (and hand-written scribbles) are all digitally captured thanks to a powerful combo of tech and actual humans with actual restaurant experience
  • Our experts automatically connect your vendor items to products so you don’t have to make any changes to your recipes or inventory sheets if you choose to order from a new vendor

Approve invoices in your sleep

Set up a review process to control approval of your restaurant's invoice uploads before they’re sent to your accounting system.

  • Set approvals rules for product categories and vendors
  • See all expenses on one screen, in one place
  • Or skip this process completely and set expenses to automatically sync with accounting

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invoice approval
Invoice reporting summary

Know what was spent in real time

Having one up-to-date home for your data means your operations and accounting teams see the same numbers at the same time, so they can work together on strategy and growth.

  • Real-time financial reporting for real-time decision-making
  • More accurate & complete numbers when your team sends us all the invoices for digitizing and coding as they come in
  • Single source of truth for restaurants and restaurant accountants

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See what restaurants are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Our marketing department will say anything to make us look good.

Prior to MarginEdge, we traveled from location to location to manually enter each company invoice. Now our store-level teams are able to remotely scan invoices and the MarginEdge team records the invoice details for us. We spend less time on administrative tasks and more time positively impacting our business.

Tom Maroulakos
Co-Founder, Skopos Hospitality Group

MarginEdge software and support services have so dramatically improved the way we process invoices and monitor critical costs that we credit it for producing the most profits we’ve ever achieved period after period! Most important, used daily, it has trained my people to think about costs and look for inefficiencies!!! And so easy to use.

Greg Casten
Owner/Operator Ivy City Smokehouse, Tony & Joe’s, Nick’s River Place Chair, Restaurant Association of Metro Washington 2011‐2013

It literally mainstreamed all of my information from every platform that we use in accounting, integrating Chulita’s POS system and the accounting software that we use. It has cut down my time in pretty much everything that I do for Chulita. I am able to report to them faster with certain reports and I feel like she's one of my easiest clients. MarginEdge plays a huge part in that.

Irene Solis
Accountant, Chulita, Venice Beach, CA

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