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At MarginEdge, we’re always busy adding new features, big and small – so busy in fact that until now we’ve done a pretty poor job letting our growing user community know what’s new. Well, no more…read on for what’s new!


  • Kitchen recipe viewer – take your recipes to the next level! Designed to be mounted in the kitchen for permanent display and easy reference by kitchen staff. Includes intelligent search to find recipes by ingredient, name, allergens, etc.
  • Allergen information – you can now add custom allergen info and associate allergens with recipes for easy searching and management. Mount an ipad in the FoH and allow your team to quickly lookup allergens!


  • Inventory Summary – once count sheets are Closed, an Inventory Summary will be shown with all count sheets rolled up at the category level and summary cost %’s shown for the period.
  • Inventory Changes section – on the new Inventory Summary page, the top items with changes will now JUMP OUT at you (ok, they are just at the top, not actually jumping). One really bad count can throw off your %’s, so now users can see the most likely culprits immediately!

Invoice Processing

  • Allow use of custom email addresses ( for restaurants to use when sending digital invoices. If you email a high number of invoices, let us know ( and we will setup your address to speed processing and ensure accuracy.
  • Add additional invoice verifications to catch possible but not obvious invoice duplicates during processing.

POS Systems

  • Ordyx POS – integration complete. (POS integration #29!)
  • Micros/Oracle Simphony POS – Integration complete. (Yep – POS #30 – how many can there be?!?)


  • Dillner’s Accounting – integration completed.
  • Add Quickbooks IIF – file transfer capability.
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