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Shutdown or no shutdown, the MarginEdge development team is always open for business. Recently, we’ve been improving Bill Pay, Recipes, Accounting and more!

Read the highlights below, and find these and other release notes at the top of our ME Help Site, along with details about our weekly training opportunities (always free, unlimited and live).

Bill Pay:

  • Easier Vendor Setup (Including Payment Terms) – Vendor payment info, including address, account number and even payment terms (net 10, net 30, etc.) can be automatically synced from most accounting systems.
  • Pay it Forward – You pay bills when it’s convenient for you, but you may not want the check to be sent out for a few days. Now you can date checks up to 60 days into the future.


  • Print Recipe Cards – There’s a better way to print recipes: instead of full sheets, print recipe cards using the same layout shown in the recipe viewer (perfect for training or real-time kitchen use.)

Products & Categories:

  • Editable Setup Verification Report – This report is essential for reviewing new items that have come in during a given time period. Now, you can click a row to quickly change the category of any of the new items.
  • Enhanced Product Searching – New filters on the Products page let you search products by accounting category as well as by the high-level product types Food, Beer, Wine, Liquor, Other.


  • Auto-Calculate Order Quantities – Less math anyone? Auto-calculate is here: when ordering online, just enter your on-hand amounts and order quantities will auto-calculate based on your pars.
  • More EDI – ACME and Capital Seaboard – We’ve added EDI support for receiving invoices from ACME Paper and Supply Co. and Capital Seaboard.


  • Automatic Inventory Balance Sheet Entries – Yes, really! Once inventory is closed and approved, balance sheet entries can be exported to most accounting systems.
  • “Locations” Now Supported for QuickBooks Online.
  • New Integrations – MarginEdge is now integrated with Restaurant365.

POS Systems:

  • Talech POS – Integration is complete.
  • LaVu POS – Integration is complete.
  • NCR Silver – Integration is complete.
  • That’s 33 POS systems. OK, seriously, how many more are there?!?
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