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Fill Up! It’s the Product News Thanksgiving Edition.

We’re grateful you’re part of the MarginEdge family, and we hope you enjoy the holiday. This time of year is for overstuffing… product news included!

If you’ve got too much on your plate right now, check out Menu Analysis or any other Product Release Notes by clicking the question mark on the top right of the MarginEdge screen.

Don’t forget our training help – new team members, experts and anyone who just wants a refresher are welcome. Our weekly training opportunities are always free and unlimited.

– Brian Mills, SVP of Operations

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Menu Analysis – What’s driving profits?

Wouldn’t it be great if your product mix was skewed toward top profit drivers? We can’t control what your customers are ordering, but we CAN tell you what you want them to be ordering. Our new Menu Analysis tool quickly cuts through the data to reveal how menu items and categories are contributing to profits.

This new feature takes the costs of your recipes (live costing) and multiplies them by the product mix. This will give you a theoretical cost percentage and total cost per menu item. We’ll show you these metrics alongside total revenue per menu item, number of items sold and modifier costs. You can view totals and averages over any selected range of time.

You can see how the entire menu and each menu category are performing based on weighted averages of the product mix. Don’t leave profits to guesswork!

Check out our help article to learn more.

Price Alerts: Ditch the “copy all” email

Every location may not need the same price alerts. Avocados up in Virginia? Your GM in Texas doesn’t need to know. Now, you can tailor price alerts, so these emails are only sent to relevant locations.

Recipes: Don’t reinvent the wheel

With a new recipe, it’s sometimes similar to one you already created. Instead of starting from scratch, now you can copy over the recipe already in the system and make changes. Use our new Copy Recipes feature and pull up the recipe you want to use as a base . . . ingredients, techniques and prep times are ready to tweak.

More with Recipes:

  • Do you ever wonder when you changed a certain recipe? Or what got adjusted? You can now view how a recipe evolved with the Edit History button.
  • Further enhance the prep process by labeling any of the photos or videos stored in your recipes.

Bill Pay:

We’ve added another layer of verification when it comes to approving checks – now you can require that two people sign off on each bill before we print and mail checks. Visit our help article for more information on how to set this up.

Looking to keep your own records about payments? In Payment Accounts you can now export your payment records into a CSV file.


You can now allow all users to export the inventory page and inventory summary once inventories are completed. Ta-da!

PMIX Mapping:

We listened! You told us your Accountant or Restaurant Admin weren’t always the only people to handle POS mapping. . . so we created an extra option – PMIX Mapper. Now, anyone designated with this additional role can set up PMIX mapping too.

POS System Integrations:

Shopkeep – integration is complete.

Accounting Integrations:

  • InfoSync – integration is complete.
  • Data Plus – integration is complete.

For those counting, yes, we do indeed now support more than 41 POS systems and 14 accounting systems!

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