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November… colder outside, warmer inside

This month, restaurant revenue was down -2.10% compared to November 2018, but sales weren’t quite as chilly as they were the past 12 months. While October fell in the mid-range for the year, November was better, with performance at the top end of the spectrum, bringing the trailing 12-month average to -4.25%. Thanksgiving was a nice boost too, with sales up 8.29% this turkey day compared to last year. November’s temperatures were unusually frigid even for the Twin Cities, but maybe there’s a slight warming trend for restaurants as the year comes to a close.

MN 12-month trend

MN year-over-year sales

About these metrics: The MarginEdge monthly snapshot of Minneapolis/St. Paul restaurant sales is based on a sampling of 50+ area restaurants ranging from fast-casual to full-service.

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