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The Groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year, predicting an early spring and warmer temps. Around here, though, we’re already on fire . . . we’ve expanded electronic payments, added more Recipe options and introduced new platform roles, especially for franchises. And we’re getting even hotter in the near future, so read more in our “coming soon” section.

We wanted to remind you of our training help – new team members, experts and anyone who just wants a refresher are all welcome. Our live weekly training opportunities are always free and unlimited.

– Jamie Grossarth, Product Manager

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Streamline Payables…

…with EDI

    Great news! MarginEdge has expanded its support for receiving electronic invoices (EDI) from vendors. We can communicate directly with your vendors about payments owed, meaning you won’t have any delayed or missed invoices and they’ll be processed faster with even better accuracy.

    Bottom line: without adding any time or costs to you, you’ll have better data. All you have to do is ask us to enroll you!

    Check out our help article to learn more.

…with Bill Pay

    Many of our clients looking to cut costs, like expensive labor hours spent on paying bills, are enrolling in Bill Pay. With this feature, MarginEdge can pay your bills for you – all you need to do is select and schedule invoices to be paid from your MarginEdge platform.

    Just visit our help article if you’d like to learn more about this additional service

    Bill Pay is even better now that you can add a layer of approval when it comes to approving checks. You can require a designated check approver to sign off on each bill before we print and mail checks. Just visit our help article for more information on how to set this up.

…with Both EDI and Bill Pay (the ultimate power couple!)

    The timeline between receiving goods/services and paying vendors for them is critical. And so is making sure you never miss an invoice. MarginEdge can shorten the administrative part of that time crunch by using both EDI and Bill Pay. You’ll have more time to review your invoices without worrying about them being paid on time or missed.

Recipes: Don’t reinvent the wheel

With a new recipe, it’s sometimes similar to one you already created. Instead of starting from scratch, now you can copy over the recipe already in the system and make changes. Use our new Copy Recipes feature and pull up the recipe you want to use as a base . . . ingredients, techniques and prep times are ready to tweak.

Recipes Advancements

You’re refining your recipes, we’re refining our recipe tool. Now, you have the ability to reorder ingredients to correspond to the assembly process and add notes on ingredients too. We want to make it super easy to communicate nuanced recipes across your restaurant.

New Role – Franchisee Accountant

An accountant for a franchisee group isn’t the same as a corporate accountant. That’s why we’ve created the Franchisee Accountant role. They’ll have all the tools they need, without affecting the franchisor’s information.

Coming Soon at MarginEdge:

  • Payroll Feature – We’re always excited to help you track costs better, so we’re really amped up to offer labor cost reports. Soon, you’ll be able to see payroll data on your P&L. Stay tuned!
  • Better Commissary Support – Commissaries are big news: with the delivery market growing, combined with sky-high rents in some markets, it makes sense to fill orders off-premise with a commissary. This new model needs to make sense in your MarginEdge system too, so we’re developing more support for commissary kitchens.
  • Better Franchise Support – We’re working on more controls and different views in the platform that specifically work for franchisors and franchisees.
  • Labeling Prepped Items – We know you want to print off labels for your prepped items from our fancy kitchen display unit . . . and we already know all your ingredients, so it’s a no-brainer. We’re currently testing this feature in our CEO’s restaurant, so look out for a rollout shortly!

Coming Soon at MarginEdge:

  • CenterEdge
  • FoodTec
  • Revention (R-Enterprise)
  • Linga

For those counting, yes, we do indeed now support more than 45 POS systems and 14 accounting systems!.

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