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Thankfully there’s one thing safe from COVID restrictions: developing software! While our developers have had to transition from working together in the office, to working independently at home, they’ve done a commendable job improving the MarginEdge platform. Here’s what they’ve been working on, listed below.

We can’t wait for your restaurant to be up and running in full swing. In the meantime, you can make MarginEdge work even better for you by inputting recipes or mapping PMIX to get better quality data for food usage and theoretical reports. You could also do some training sessions with us! Our live weekly training opportunities are always free and unlimited for your team.

– Jamie Grossarth, Product Manager

PS – We’re interested in hearing what’s on your mind – send us feedback and any ideas at

New Retail and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Accounting Categories

We’ve expanded our category types from “food,” “beer,” “wine,” “liquor,” to also include “retail” and “non-alcoholic beverages.” Looks like non-alcoholic beverages are really taking off with customers so we wanted to support the trend!

Electronic Payments In Bill Pay

Currently all bill payments in MarginEdge Bill Pay are done with checks, but we’re rolling out something new: electronic payments. With electronic payments, your vendors will be paid faster and more securely. You can verify when they’ve received your payment. Oh, and we’re using a lot less paper. All included in Bill Pay.

If you’re interested in learning more or starting up with Bill Pay, please reach out to

Plus, Bill Pay has a new home on your screen! Check it out.

Bill Pay Home

New Weekly Accounting Snapshot Email

We’re rolling out a new system to get your accountant users timely information. At the beginning of the week we’ll send the accounting manager an email that summarizes accounting information and proactively flags possible errors. If you have EDI (electronic invoices) turned on for any of your vendors, this email will highlight any invoices or credits that need to be reconciled. Invoices and credits shown in the email will include a link to take you to a new screen in the software where you can reconcile these invoices and credits. We hope this makes EDI smoother for you!

For more information on EDI and which vendors we support, check out this help article or reach out to

And here’s more information on the different modes we support for EDI.

Weekly Snapshot Email

Commissary Kitchens

We’ve made some major progress in integrating your commissary units and restaurant units in MarginEdge. Our first batch of upgrades are out and ready to use! These enhancements are geared toward treating commissary kitchens like any other vendor, updating prices on transferred goods, and managing the workflow of inbound orders on a new display screen.

You can learn more with this help article.

Here’s our new layout for inbound orders:

Inbound Orders Screen

Recipes – Label Printer

You can now print labels for your prepped items straight from the MarginEdge platform! All you need to do is program how long each recipe is good for and select who prepared the recipe from a drop-down list. You will wow your health inspectors when every prepped item displays clear information.

Here is some more information on the label printers we support.

Label Printer

Recipes – Scalable Quantities

Before you were limited to the options of 1/2x, 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. but now you can scale your recipes to whatever scale you would like. We’ll do the math for you.

Order Guides – Par by Day

Previously MarginEdge only allowed you to set one daily par on vendor items. But you told us your pars for an item on Thursday, headed into the weekend, are different from your pars on Mondays. We’ve got you! Now you have the option to set a par for each day of the week.

Order Guides

Coming Soon:

  • Bill pay – we’re working on letting you make partial payments in Bill Pay
  • Payroll Feature – we’re getting close with providing payroll data on your P&L! We’re putting together a small beta testing group with clients who use POSitouch, Revel, and Upserve. If you use one of those POS’s and would like to participate, please email me at

POS System Integrations:

  • Heartland POS
  • Focus Cloud
  • Ambur POS

Added Support for Modifiers with:

  • Qu/Gusto POS
  • TouchBistro
  • Emagine POS
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