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If I was a betting man, I’d say the combo of continued Phase 2 reopening and stir-crazy-families-ready-to-celebrate-dad has us set up for a big weekend. If the Mother’s Day bump was any indication with only take-out and delivery on the menu, my guess is that folks are going to come out this weekend in a big way…and those who don’t come out, will probably order in.

Anyone have creative plans for capitalizing on the holiday in terms of marketing, menu or offering? We’d love to hear about it!

And as always you can check out today’s numbers below on this fine Friday Eve.

Stay safe,

PS – For those following along on these notes, but are not a MarginEdge client, we would love to include your numbers in our data set and continue to build out the value of the reporting. We are giving our MarginEdge Lite product for free for the rest of the year (normally $15/month). This little tool connects your POS to accounting system and creates journal entries – hopefully time saving for you while increasing our sample size as we track recovery across our network. Obviously no obligation or commitment, just an offer for those interested!

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