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We had a little uptick across the board last week that – contrasted with a very slow Thanksgiving week – helped our week-over-week view quite a bit. In the stock market a steep dive followed by a small uptick in a stock is referred to as a “dead cat bounce” (ie if you drop a cat from high enough….). I know for most of us that is about how this chart feels. But up is better than down even a little bit!

Also, wanted to share the first real reporting I’ve seen on indoor dining contact tracing data. Cuomo released this data after increasing calls for transparency around his guidance, and it shows in NY around a 1.4% transmission rate in restaurants. That is, of the 100% of cases that had tracing data on only 1.4% were caused by indoor dining. Frustrating isn’t even the right word, but hopefully as more data comes in showing well run restaurants at lower capacity can be safe places we will be less likely to be shut down.

On a (much) lighter note, our Bill Pay team channeled some (very) creative energy into a holiday message for you! As you know, unlimited Bill Pay is included with MarginEdge. What you may not know is that our Project Manager, Hugh (on vocals/piano) and Product Manager, Simon (writer/lyrics) can work more than just computer keys.

Check it out here:

As always, find the full breakdown below.

Stay safe,

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