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FAST CASUAL IS UP LAST WEEK OVER 2019!!! Full service has a ways to go yet but is pushing its best numbers post-Covid.

As we are now one year out, year-over-year sales are meaningless and we are going to look at year over 2 years ago (so same time in 2019).

And with Fast Casual and Full Service recovering at such different rates, we felt it was important not to combine the two. That said, we kept our combined month-over-month (gray) line to help us track the continued improvement as we head into summer.

Full Service is also climbing and we expect that line to look better and better as relief hits bank accounts, Covid cases continue to drop and weather brings the people to the patios!

On a side note, (shameless plug) our product development team has been busy too! Check out the latest updates in our most recent product release notes:



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