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Numbers still bouncing around a bit but everything is trending the right direction – and I really don’t think i’ll ever get tired of saying that!

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Also thought it was worth sharing our own milestone at my restaurant…we reopened this week last year and are within 2% of year-over-two-year benchmark! It feels amazing to feel like things are getting closer and closer to normal – and feel those national trend lines start to feel real in my own numbers!

(Also if you aren’t a client and want benchmark data like this just let us know! We can connect your POS to Accounting and send you nightly emails with these numbers – promise it will be the first thing you read in the morning!)

And on another celebratory note – I’m thrilled to share that we were named one of Washington Post’s Top Work Places 2021. I can’t tell you what it means to receive this recognition as an organization after such a wild year – feel grateful for this team and for this community of clients and operators. Really excited about path ahead.

And as always you can find the full breakdown below.


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