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Christian got his start in the restaurant industry the way many do: working his way up as a freshman in high school from washing dishes to bussing tables, and awaiting the sweet, sweet day he’d turn 21 to wiggle his way behind the bar as a bartender. He was drawn to the novelty of the restaurant industry: being introduced to new foods and new people from all walks of life.

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After a stint realizing he did not want to be a pizzaiolo, Christian made his way to Clyde’s at Georgetown where he was hired on the spot as a food runner while pursuing a degree in Finance and Small Business Management from George Washington University. At Clyde’s, Christian got that chance to bartend and eventually started his career in restaurant management, working fulltime as an assistant general manager for the Chevy Chase and Willow Creek Farm Clyde’s locations, before finally landing at the Old Ebbitt Grill.

For those of you not native to the D.C. metro area, Clyde’s Restaurant Group is a 58-year-old institution (now publicly owned) and Old Ebbitt Grill alone clocks in over $35 million in sales annually. It’s one of (if not) the oldest bar and restaurant in Washington, a well-known political watering hole, and was where Christian served as GM during the Obama administration. If anyone’s working on a new White House tell-all book you may have just found a new source, but you didn’t hear that from us.

A few Oyster Riots later, including a private, one-off version for the incomparable, late Robin Williams, Christian sought a lifestyle change after the birth of his daughter (who knew restaurant hours weren’t conducive to raising children). Christian was offered the role of controller for the restaurant group at their corporate office in 2013. Over the next seven years Christian not only oversaw the organization’s accounting department through the sale of the company, but involved himself in nearly every aspect of the company’s operations. When Steven Lyons came onboard as Corporate Executive Chef in 2018, he introduced Christian to something that would change the course of his life and career: MarginEdge

We know that’s dramatic but hear us out. After working with MarginEdge as a client for over two years, Christian fell in love with us just a little tiny bit. When the time came to finally branch away from Clyde’s, Christian knew he wanted to stay in the restaurant industry and a fast-growing software startup like MarginEdge happened to be the perfect place.

As the story goes: boy meets software, boy falls for software, software sends boy a job offer he can’t refuse. Christian joined the ranks supporting the entire company including our exclusively ex-restaurateur sales team and brings unique insight as he encourages both existing and prospective clients to really lean into the software. He knows from firsthand experience as a controller that if they go all in, restaurants can maximize margins and cut back on those sh*tty, post-12-hour-shift, back-office administrative tasks that they don’t want to be doing in the first place. As a heavy daily user, Christian has unique insight to offer other MarginEdge clients that no one else can.

Rest assured dear friends, this love story is far from over. You’ll be hearing more from Christian as he graces us with his invaluable restaurant insight and spreads his wings and love for MarginEdge all around.


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