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Mother’s Day. It’s like the restaurant world’s Super Bowl. Brunch reservations are booked weeks out. Dads, partners, and well-meaning kids try to slip the host a twenty or two to grab a last-minute cancellation. Bussers clean up the remnants of far too many “cozy” gifts smothered under a few hundred layers of tissue paper in a gifted (and re-gifted) gift bag someone grabbed from the garage stash as they were running out of the door on the way to the reservation.

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We’ve all seen it before. And the reason we’ve all seen it before, is because if you’ve worked in the restaurant business for any amount of time, you probably don’t know the last time you had a Mother’s Day off. While it may be disappointing, it comes with the territory and they (thankfully) still love us anyway. 

Before we go any further, we want to clarify that when we say “mom,” we mean the term in the very loosest of ways. We mean moms, but also grandmas, bonus moms, plant moms, dog moms, spiritual moms, heck even the mom of your friend group (because let’s face it – they could probably use some appreciation too!). Whoever is a mom to you, this is meant for them. 

Whether this is the first or the fifteenth Mother’s Day you’ve had to work through, we’ve got a few sentimental messages you can throw in that Mother’s Day card and some creative ways to make it up to them and show your appreciation for all they do for you.


For the sentimental mom

Dear Mom, 

I’m sad we can’t be together on your special day at least physically – but you’ll always be in my heart and mind. I’ll be thinking of you when I’m (choose the one that applies to you) remaking/walking back an Eggs Benedict order for the 4th time because the poached eggs are “too runny,” and I’ll be using all the patience and compassion you’ve instilled in me growing up. So thanks Mom, I couldn’t make it through today without you!

❤️, Me

✨How to make it up to her:
Order her custom tissue cozies to go on her Kleenex boxes. Next time she's crying over an episode of Grey's Anatomy, she can see your smiling face and remember just how much you care about her. And her sniffles. 



For the plant mom

Dear Mom, 

If mothers were flowers, I’d pick you every time. Thank you for helping me grow in the garden of life.

❤️, Me

✨How to make it up to her:
Bring her new veggie plant starts for her garden! The next time you visit her, you can make her something special with the veggies they produce.



For the fur mom

To the best Fur Mom,

Yes, today still counts for you too. 

❤️, Me

✨How to make it up to her:
Make her some gourmet pet treats! Be sure to check that your ingredients are pet-friendly. Custom pet treats are the perfect way to show appreciation for a fur mom, and it might even get you in good graces with your fur mom’s favorite child… er, pet.  



For the creative mom

Dear Mom,

“The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children.”
- Elaine Heffner

Thanks for making your most beautiful work of art yet. (Me!)

❤️, Me

✨How to make it up to her:
Get the creative sauces flowing by setting her up with her own edible paint set! Grab some sauce recipes from work, a paint palette, and an easel, and then really kick it up a notch by using a flatbread or pizza base to paint her masterpiece on top of! 

Whether you are a mom working in the restaurant industry, or just a big fan of them, we hope you have a wonderful (and profitable!) Mother's Day!

💙, [me]


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