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Episode V | May 2023

Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the “May the fourth be with you” pun as you’ll probably hear that about 20 times today.

However, we couldn’t resist joining in on the fun so in honor of today, we’re unveiling four new enhancements - arming you with the operational lightsabers you need to slash through your to-do list.

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A short time ago in our headquarters not so far away… we released:

I. A New Mobile Home for your Sales and Budget Data

II. “Upload Ready” Accounting File Formats 

III. Auto Alerts for Missing Sales Entries

IV. Auto Alerts for Missing Invoice Criteria

Keep scrolling to learn more you must. If questions you have, email me you should.

Remember: Yoda best - see ya in June!

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Home is where the sales and budgets are💙 Home is where the sales and budgets are

Once you login to the MarginEdge app, you’ll now see a brand new look which includes helpful metrics for when you’re on the go! Easily view your sales for the week, budgets for the month and the status of any recent orders - giving you more control over your business even when you’re away from the back office. Download the app.

“Upload ready” accounting file formats - tailored to fit your system

⬆️ "Upload ready" accounting file formats - tailored to fit your system

For users that use an accounting system that MarginEdge doesn’t directly integrate with: good news! You now have an easier workaround for getting all the juicy accounting goodness into whichever system you use. Once you configure your specific accounting export format, all you have to do each time is download the file from MarginEdge and you’ll be well on your way to faster financial visibility without having to spend time to manually manipulate data. Customizable Accounting Integrations.

Reach each out to discuss if this will work for your accounting system, here

Ensure all sales transactions are properly accounted for

🔍 Ensure all sales transactions are properly accounted for

Just started selling retail items? Started catering? Be the first to know if any sales lines come across from your POS that are currently not mapped to your accounting system. This helps you quickly identify and address any sneaky new sales lines that slip through the cracks - making sure you have nothing but a clear and accurate full-picture of your restaurant's financial performance. Turn on email notifications.

If an invoice needs attention... it will tell you! 🙋 If an invoice needs attention... it will tell you!

When exporting invoices to accounting, we’ll now show you which invoices need some sort of mapping task completed (ie. category, vendor, payment account or sales entry mapping). That way, you’re instantly aware of minor work that needs to be done to an invoice before shipping it off to accounting. Learn more.

Tip of the month

 💤 Code and pay recurring invoices in your sleep

Tip of the Month_May_2023

Did you know you can now schedule cyclical invoices, especially for things like rent, insurance and other overhead expenses? Pair those recurring invoices with AutoPay and… chef’s kiss - never worry about accounting for or remembering to pay those expenses ever again. We got you covered!

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What's new with [me]

  • We welcomed TWO new [me] babies in April (sorry for no pictures, both parents are enjoying their parental leave so we didn’t get a chance to ask for permission to post!):

    • Rich Diaz (Senior Software Engineer Manager) welcomed his baby on April 18th

    • Zenia Anthony (Senior Accountant) welcomed her baby on April 6th

  • For those who don’t already know, [me] has a sponsorship program through our Bangladesh and India-based teams called the MarginEdge Education Fund that provides support for children in local orphanages. Eid is a religious celebration and a big festival where our Dhaka, Bangladesh team is based, so they wanted to make it special for the children at the SJA orphanage there. The Dhaka team organized a surprise visit and pampered the kids with gifts, handing out goody bags with clothes and chocolates, and also organized dinner for all the children.


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