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April Sales Show Growth for DMV Restaurants

Monthly weighted averages for Fast Casual increased to roughly 20% year over year, and Full Service was also positive at 48%. April’s numbers for both segments are incredibly encouraging, particularly because they are relatively stable compared to the rollercoaster of 2021. Even with Covid cases rising throughout April, Full Service’s numbers were less than 10% away from where they ended in March, potentially signaling an end to the dramatic ups and downs.  

In-house delivery rates in the DMV also continued their decline, ending at 9.7% of overall sales with the rest of the country remaining stable around 12%.

Overall YOY sales ended trending upward at roughly 46% which is exactly what we want to see heading into May! When we look at year over year for 2021 compared to 2020, April 2022 numbers might seem lackluster but we assure you they are not! 

April 2021 saw widespread vaccine rollout and sales were astronomical as diners were hungry and waiting to get back into dining rooms following the first year of lockdowns. Even compared to those giant jumps, April 2022 DMV sales were still up 46%.  

We are excited to see these trends continue and look forward to May’s metrics.

DMV all sales apr 22

DMV by segement apr 22

DMV MVA apr 22


DMV deliver apr 22


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