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April's numbers are in for DMV restaurant sales!

With warmer weather and Easter Sunday celebrations, sales saw moderate mid-month growth.

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Full Service's year-over-year monthly sales ended up at 2% growth for April, with Fast Casual slightly edging them out at 3% growth. 

Across a 7-day moving average, Full Service ended the month at -1% with a peak mid-month around Easter weekend just south of 10% growth. Fast Casual on the other hand had some wild swings in April, with a peak the week of April 8th at 40% growth, followed by a pit a week later at -22% growth.

Digging into the numbers we can see this was likely due to high sales from many of our Honey Baked Ham clients over Easter weekend, which was a week earlier this year than last year.

Overall sales ended just south of positive at -1% for the first time this year during the last week of April. The majority of the month was positive sales-wise, so it's likely the dip during the last week may have been due to some cold weather and the coming warm summer weather will push those numbers back up in May! 

Delivery sales stayed exactly the same as last month for both the DMV (at 11%) and nation-wide (at 13%). We're on a three-month streak now! 

We'll see you in June!

DMV MVA Apr 23

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