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The weather wasn't the only thing heating up this August.

Blame it on August being the last month of summer before going back to school, tourists enjoying those last few weeks of vacation, or just a benevolent gift from the universe. Whatever the reason- we couldn't be happier to see how August's sales numbers turned out! DMV restaurants popped back up from their mid-summer cool down and are showing no signs of slowing.

Weighted monthly average sales by segment saw increases from both Fast Casual (7%) and Full Service (15%). While they have remained positive growth-wise compared to 2021, this is the first uptick we've seen since February 2022. Call us optimists but we're taking this as a great sign that sales will continue to grow as we enter the last quarter of the year.  

In-house delivery and Fast Casual sales by segment both stayed exactly the same compared to last month and Full Service stayed positive ending up at 37% sales compared to 2021. While the chart doesn't show the same uptick that the weighted monthly averages does, there was only a 6% change from July's metrics, showing a definite change in momentum.

We also saw that same momentum shift with overall sales, ending up at 32%, just 5% off from July's number. 

As the weather stays hot, groceries stay expensive and additional COVID vaccine boosters become available, our crystal-ball predictions are pointing to a strong September for DMV restaurants. 

Be sure to check back in next month and we'll see you then!

DMV MVA Aug 22

DMV all sales Aug 22

DMV by segement Aug 22

DMV deliver Aug 22


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