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January starts the year off with a bang for DMV restaurants

December left DMV restaurants off in a great spot and January sales took that momentum and ran with it! After months of slow but steady growth, 2023 sales are off to an incredible start.

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Full Service's year-over-year monthly sales ended up with a monstrous 42% growth for January (yes, you read that right - 42%!). Fast Casual was not far behind, showing 22% growth. We're hopeful that this growth continues next month, as this time last year also saw some excellent numbers.

Across a 7-day moving average, Full Service really outdid itself, ending on a high at 38%. Throughout the month, Full Service sales performed really well, peaking at 67% during the week of January 6th. Fast Casual followed a similar trend, peaking mid-month at 33% before ending at 18%.

Overall sales ended very positive yet again at 35% for the last week of January. 

In-house delivery sales increased alongside overall sales last month for both the DMV (at 13%) and nation-wide (at 14%). 

This has been a great start to the year for DMV restaurants and we're excited and hopeful to see this trend continue next month. See you in March!

DMV MVA Jan 23

DMV all sales Jan 23

DMV by segement Jan 23

DMV deliver Jan 23

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