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September starts with an "S" and so does stability.

Hot off the heels of August's very pleasant (and needed) upswing, September continued to stay positive, ending the month with weighted monthly averages at 12% for Full Service and 4% for Fast Casual. Month after month these numbers have shown us that DMV sales are nice and steady. 

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Overall sales ended up being up 24% compared to September 2021, and broken down by segment we see that Full Service was up by 27% and Fast Casual by 9%.

In-house delivery in the DMV stayed the same for the third month in a row, while nation-wide delivery rates nominally increased to 13% of sales. 

When we look at the day-to-day, Labor Day weekend did not see the spike we typically expect, while the week of September 18th saw the biggest increase in sales particularly for Full Service.

While we'd love to see those big, big spikes like we did towards the end of 2021, the reality is that those spikes were the result of 2021 sales being compared to 2020's dumpster fire numbers.

The positive numbers we're seeing now are showing more typical growth- which more importantly means that sales are returning to normalcy. We know how incredibly hard it is to run a restaurant, even without the added supply chain, labor, and economic changes rocking restaurateurs' worlds these days, but it's encouraging to see stability.

With all signs pointing in the right direction, we're looking forward to seeing October's numbers!


DMV MVA Sep 22

DMV all sales Sep 22

DMV by segement Sep 22

DMV deliver Sep 22

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