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Easter weekend brought in big numbers for Fast Casual restaurants across the country this April. 

By segment, Fast Casual narrowly ended up below Full Service, with -3% sales growth and Full Service at -2% compared to April 2022's numbers. Overall sales ended at -2%. Easter weekend saw huge growth, particularly for Fast Casual, which topped out at more than 50% above last year, and just above 10% for overall combined sales. 

Quail eggs and corn topped the Droppers list, while Kabocha squash, lettuces and strawberries filled out the Movers list. Rising lettuce and strawberry prices are unsurprising, and likely a result of California's extreme weather and flooding earlier this year. 

Food, beer, wine and liquor costs as a percentage of sales all dropped for MarginEdge customers in April, with food costs averaging a healthy 26% of sales.

Regionally, the Midwest and South saw the biggest jumps in sales for Easter weekend, and ended up on top at the end of the month as well.

Crossing our fingers and toes that warmer weather brings out those healthy summer sales we're all looking forward to! See you in June.

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Price dropper APR 23


Price movers Apr 23




Overall sales by segment APR 23-1


Overall sales APR 23


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