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Spring is here, and so are March's sales metrics!

With everything going on in the world, great to see our numbers staying relatively stable year-over-year and looking really strong month-over-month.

Lettuce took over the leaderboard occupying three of the top five spots, while it looks like FBWL were relatively flat month-over-month.

Looking forward to the combo of overall reduced restrictions and patio season this spring - and excited to see the April year-over-year numbers compared to the massive spring upswing we saw last year as vaccinations rolled out.

As always, if there's a metric you're interested in seeing, please reach out and let us know! See you in May.


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March Price Movers


March Price Droppers


March FBWL Costs as Percentage of Sales


March YOY Restaurant Sales by Segment


March YOY Overall Restaurant Sales


March YOY Regional View



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