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October's numbers continued to stay stable, ending up overall still positive with slightly slower growth than September.

Surprising to no one, summer's end was marked with a spike in fresh produce costs as beans, two types of lettuce, tomatoes and eggs topped our Mover's chart. Udon noodles topped the Droppers chart, along with a special appearance from last month's testiest tuber - Idaho potatoes (just in time for Thanksgiving!).

Food and beverage costs were slightly up from the end of last quarter, with the food category reaching 35% of sales and liquor at 16%.

Sales broken down by segment show Full Service at 11% higher than October 2021, and Fast Casual at 8%. Overall, national restaurants ended the month at 10% higher sales than last year.

The holiday months are sure to bring a much needed upswing in sales, so we're excited to see what November brings! We are also keeping a special eye out for whole turkeys as their November 2021 price spike (40% cost increase) was one for the record books. 

See you in November! 

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Price movers Oct 22


Price dropper Oct 22


FBWL Oct 22


Overall sales by segment October 22-1


Overall sales October 22


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