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Join our study to save you money

We know every month you get a credit card processing statement that is so dense and cryptic it’s impossible to know what you’re really paying for. Believe it or not, each of us pays tens of thousands of dollars for something that none of us completely understands (interchange, network fees, service fees, fee fees, etc.).

You probably suspect you’re paying too much – we definitely do – so help us investigate! Join us in a study where we’ll compare what the processing networks are charging. We’ll analyze statements from hundreds of restaurants to shed some light on this market.

How to get a benchmark

All you need to do is send us one month of credit card statements for each restaurant location you’d like us to review. We’ll share the aggregated results of our study with all of our MarginEdge clients. To thank you for your help, we’ll also send you a custom report that shows where you stand compared to other restaurants in our market.


All statements will be kept completely confidential; your information won’t be shared with anyone outside the MarginEdge team. We’ll only be sharing aggregated details so individuals can’t be identified.