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Easily record every single morsel of food wasted in your kitchen. Whether it’s the scraps in the compost bin after a full day or a burger that was sent back by a customer, get to know your waste trends to purchase better, train better and save better.

track and manage waste

No thyme to waste

Seamlessly log waste during service or Mise en Place without skipping a beet

Step 1 What

Input a single item or a full-on recipe, we'll do the rest by calculating the cost.

Step 2 When

Record when it was wasted so usage and other reporting is instantly up-to-date.

Step 3 Why

Choose the main reason for the waste plus any context to analyze patterns later. 

Dynamic Tracking

Log a recipe, track every cent.

Whether it’s raw waste or completed waste, one ingredient or a whole entree, our waste log helps you track every cent thrown out – without the need to pull an all nighter in the kitchen.

  • Select from your existing products and recipes
  • Open ended notes for optimal precision in tracking patterns and areas of vulnerability 
  • Option to print physical Waste Log to put at each station
tracking waste in the kitchen

Precise Food Costs

Trim the waste, then the fat.

Understand which wasted ingredients are contributing most to your bottom line and access accurate, up-to-date, actual food costs – enabling you to make sustainable decisions, get rid of excess and grow profitability for you or your clients' operation. 

  • Know what percentage used was wasted
  • Know how much of your variance stems from waste
  • Know more of what you should have on hand
Get wasted insights

Operational insights

Cut waste, not corners.

Prep your chef with insights empowering them to eliminate inefficiencies in the kitchen without sacrificing the quality and integrity in their craft. 

  • View analytics over any time period
  • Sort by the top reasons for waste, the most expensive waste and the employees responsible
  • Search and export to manipulate and find fixable trends

It’s hard to believe that MarginEdge could get better but it has. Having a waste component in conjunction to the theoretical and actual numbers helps us get to solving food issues faster.

Ken Priest
CFO – Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken

Frequently asked questions 

Where do I find the Waste Log?

Since waste and inventory go hand in hand, you can find it under the inventory tab on the lefthand side of your account on your desktop. You'll see both the Waste Log and the Waste Summary.

You can also find it on our mobile app in the "More" section.

Is Waste Log available on the mobile app?

Yep! You can find it in the "More" section once you login to the mobile app.

Read more about the mobile features or download the app from the App store (Apple) or the Play store (Android).

Do I have to record who's responsible for the wasted item?

Nope! Almost all fields on the Waste Log are optional. You can be as general or as precise as you want – all depends on each restaurant's preference. 

Can I edit waste items?

Absolutely! All logged waste items are editable. 

Do I need certain permissions to log waste?

Nope! Anyone can log waste.