Whether you’re a multi-unit operator or an independent, MarginEdge automates tedious processes, connects systems and radically streamlines key activities, like inventory, cost-tracking, ordering and recipes.

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“MarginEdge has so dramatically improved the way we monitor critical costs that we credit it for producing the most profits we’ve ever achieved period after period!”


Owner, Tony & Joe’s / Tavern at Ivy City Smokehouse

“MarginEdge has been a huge help for our restaurants. We are now getting better data, real time, easy to access and understand. I highly recommend MarginEdge.”


Partner, Cowboy Jack’s

Automated Invoice Processing

One picture and you’re done.

Snap photos of your invoices, receipts or bills with our app and we capture all line item data.

  • Save countless hours per week
  • Know when ingredient prices move
  • Direct sync with your accounting
  • Coding is based on your rules.


POS & Accounting Integration

We make your systems smarter.

You’ve got a POS. And an accounting system. They really should talk!

  • Easy connections to all major POS systems
    and accounting systems
  • Automated sales entries daily to accounting
  • Receive daily sales alerts for all locations
  • Track ingredient usage from PMIX data.

Inventory & purchasing

Toss the spreadsheets and kiss the clipboards goodbye.

Better insights, tighter control, and time saved – across all locations.

  • Inventory prices always up-to-date
  • New items added to count sheets automatically
  • Ditch the paper – enter counts online
  • Centrally control product naming and count-by units



You focus on the plate, not on the math.

Spreadsheets don’t know your ingredient costs, but MarginEdge does. Create recipes with a tool exclusively designed for recipe development:

  • Ingredient prices always up-to-date
  • Always know your plate costs
  • Use tablet displays in your kitchen
  • Share recipes across locations


Food Cost Management

Unleash your inner control freak.

If you don’t know you’re over budget until it’s too late, it’s too late. Our platform combines what you buy and what you sell, every day.

  • Track food & beverage costs daily
  • See budget vs. actual across all locations
  • See price movements and receive alerts
  • Compare actual vs. theoretical ingredient usage


Bill Pay

Put some hustle in your payables.

Skip the office supplies and pay vendors anytime, from anywhere. Bill Pay gives you flexibility and control over your payments.

  • Direct sync with your accounting system
  • Filter by due date or vendors … or both
  • Schedule payment dates in the future
  • Make one payment for a vendor’s invoices across locations


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