Our founders managed inventory at over 30 restaurants. We knew it was time for a change. Reduce inventory time by hours while also improving accuracy.

Automatic pricing updates

No more rushing to update product prices at end of the month. Thanks to our invoice processing, your product prices update automatically as invoices come in.

Standardize inventory across locations

If you have multiple locations, you know how hard it can be to standardize count units and product categories. With MarginEdge, centrally control product names, units and how they’re coded.

Welcome to the digital age

Ditch the clipboards and spreadsheets – you just need a laptop or tablet to record the counts each period. Our system works online or offline, so counting in the store room or freezer with no wi-fi is no problem.

Approve, then export to accounting

Once counts are in, let management review and approve them. Quickly see where your inventory grew or shrunk, confirm accuracy and then, approve and export to accounting.

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With MarginEdge, easily manage order guides, control purchasing across many locations and order from any vendor online. Need to manage central kitchen ordering and internal transfers? No problem.

Easy order guide setup

Your order guides are setup based on the items you’re already ordering and the vendors you’re ordering from. There’s no need to upload vendor guides or worry that new items aren’t in the system.

Standardize ordering

Ensure everyone is ordering what they should be. Easily organize the layout of each guide and add or remove items centrally. It just takes a few clicks for one location or dozens.

Order online from any vendor

Your customized order guides allow online ordering from any of your vendors right from within MarginEdge. It’s easy and quick to setup.

Transfers and commissary orders

MarginEdge can handle transfer orders between your locations. Plus, placing and tracking orders from a commissary or central kitchen is no problem.

In Practice

Find out how Chef Geoff’s Deluxe Hospitality found the 5-Star invoice oversight & inventory management solution they needed in MarginEdge

What People are Saying

Nate B.

Director of Finance, Clover Food Lab

“The ordering features make the process much more accurate and far easier for the operators to order from our commissary.”

Dan T.

Director of Operations, Buffalo Wing Factory

“As a multi-unit operator using MarginEdge, I would never go back to the outdated ordering and inventory controls of the past.”

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