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Centennial Hospitality Group

Centennial Hospitality Group is a powerhouse in the Colorado and southern Wyoming restaurant scene, with 15 locations across 4 concepts. See how MarginEdge helped their team manage food costs, internal transfers, and inventory in real-time, supporting their skyrocketing growth.

Centennial Hospitality Group
  • Location:  Colorado and Wyoming
  • # of Restaurants:  15
  • Type:  Polished Casual, Fast Casual
  • Tech Stack:  Toast, QuickBooks
The goal

As a growing restaurant group, Centennial Hospitality Group needed a tech solution that would streamline their operations, provide better insights into the performance and profitability of each of their locations and grow with their business as a partner not just a tool. 

[me] solution

With MarginEdge, invoices are processed automatically, the information flows seamlessly into QuickBooks, and teams are able to accurately track costs across locations. MarginEdge is a tech partner, not just a solution for Centennial as they continue to expand.

Since adopting MarginEdge, I feel very much more connected to our purchasing programs and being able to communicate with our distributors. Its been very helpful to use that tool to leverage all of our buying power to get the very best deals that we can get.

Steve Murlowski | Director of Operations | Centennial Hospitality Group

Complete cost controls

MarginEdge helps Director of Operations Steve Murlowski better manage costs across his restaurants with:

Automated invoice processing
Invoice processing

With MarginEdge’s 24-48 hour invoice processing, the Centennial Hospitality Group can see their entire organization’s margins and evaluate their company as a whole.

Invoice processing tools
Theoretical food usage
Theoretical food usage

With the use of MarginEdge’s theoretical food usage, Steve is proactively managing his margins at all locations.

Food usage tools
Controllable P&L

Tracking costs and profits across concepts is a breeze with MarginEdge's multi-unit Controllable P&L. Steve's team can see profits holistically and drilled down by store in one place.

Cost management tools
  • Experienced
  • Automated
  • Uncomplicated

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