Restaurant Accounting Integration

MarginEdge connects directly to your accounting system so your daily sales entries can sync from your POS to your chart of accounts without any data entry on your part.

MarginEdge is free until 2021.


MarginEdge is free until 2021.

No setup fees. No integration fees. No commitment.

Because we work with over 1300 restaurants across the country – and are a team of restaurant veterans – we get how tough this moment is for our industry.


How does it work?

Take pictures of your invoices and we code 100% of the information into your accounting system chart of accounts, including hand written notes. Manage food costs, inventory, recipes, unlimited bill pay and POS sales integration – all for one flat monthly fee.

Connect Sales Data
to Accounting

Automate the flow of your POS data directly into your accounting system. Save time and money by ensuring your data transfers seamlessly each day, with total control of your accounts and your sales entry format.

You’re in control

MarginEdge gives you the flexibility to configure your POS data to create sales entries exactly as you want them. Want credit card purchases grouped on one line? No problem. Want taxes to link to a payables account? Easy to do. The setup of your sales entry format is simple.

Unlimited Bill Pay

Select just the vendors and invoices you want to pay, and payments are sent out the next business day (or whenever you schedule them). Payments are synced to accounting, saving you time and keeping your books up to date.

You Can Compare
Across Your Locations

Get an overall picture of your business operations – see all locations at a glance, and compare them by total budget or category budget. See who’s crushing it and who’s not – and let your managers know where they rank compared to their peers.

Get Theoretical vs.
Actual Food Cost

Want to see how much salmon you actually used compared to the plates sold? Are you serving drinks on the generous side? Track theoretical compared to actual usage of all ingredients, including food/beverage or liquor, and make sure nothing is taking a bite out of profits.

Get Ahead of
Industry Trends

Don’t be surprised by price movements that sneak up on your profits. Easy-to-read price movers charts show you what’s happening with your vendor pricing. Plus, configure custom alerts to email you when key ingredient prices change.

In a world that depends on contactless interaction, MarginEdge makes it easy for our eight operating restaurants to share data with our Support Center. We are no longer entirely dependent on the transfer of physical documents, which has helped to support the health and safety of our team. The real time data, available to all of MarginEdge users whenever and wherever they need it, has also been vital as it has allowed us to be nimble and make critical decisions when they matter.”

Maggie O’Connor

Open Road Grill

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