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Spring is in the air…along with some budding new features from MarginEdge. Check out the enhancements below, or find our release notes anytime at the top of our MarginEdge Help Site.

Have suggestions for us? We’re always interested in your feedback – send enhancement ideas to us anytime at

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  • Invoice Approval – Say goodbye to paper-based invoice approvals! Click here to get started with the simple invoice approval feature now in MarginEdge.

Products & Categories:

  • Multi-Unit Setup Verification – Managing multiple locations just got easier. The Setup Verification report is a powerful tool to view new vendor items and assigned categories. Now, using the same report, you can view all new items for all locations by clicking “Multi-Unit” at the top of the page.
  • Tax Exempt Products – If only everything was tax exempt! Some products are, and now you can flag them as “Tax Exempt” and no taxes will be allocated to that product.


  • Barmetrix Inventory Upload – MarginEdge has recently partnered with Barmetrix! If you work with Barmetrix, simplify your inventory management and upload your inventory reports directly into MarginEdge. Contact to enable this feature and learn more. If you’re not working with Barmetrix, learn more about them here or contact us to hear about how we work together.


  • Managing Billing in MarginEdge – We’re all about making things easier, including your MarginEdge subscription. Change payment types, view billing history, and more, all from the Billing page under the Setup menu.

POS Systems:

  • Emagine POS – Integration is complete.
  • Cake POS – Integration is complete.
  • SmartTab POS – Integration is complete.
  • That’s 1,245 POS integrations done!! OK, that’s an exaggeration. It’s only 37. ONLY, ha!
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