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Happy Thanksgiving! It’s that time of the year where I think to myself, if stuffing is so delicious, how come I only eat it once a year? Speaking of Thanksgiving foods, we’ve been carving-up some new releases to MarginEdge.

Release Notes Summary:

  • Electronic payments in Bill Pay are now a whole day faster
  • As part of Labor Expense Management in soft-launch, labor costs are now available on your P&L and in budgets. We’ve added three more POS’s to our growing list of labor integrations!
  • We’ve made two improvements to inventory performance
  • You can now see your invoice inbox on the Orders screen
  • Prep sheet attachment included with all commissary orders

Just a reminder that we’re always interested in hearing your feedback or ideas to improve! Just reply to me here or reach out to

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and Holiday season – the next time you’ll hear from me it will be 2021(!).

 – Simon Krauss, Director of Product Management

Bill Pay

Faster Electronic Payments
We want to help you get your payments to vendors as fast as possible. When you pay your vendor electronically, they’ll receive the payment a full day sooner than they used to.

Improvements to syncing vendor addresses
If you have vendor addresses stored in your accounting system, MarginEdge can pull that data and use it as the address for your bill payments. We’ve made improvements to ensure that MarginEdge is capturing the full address so your payments get to your vendors quickly.

Getting started with Bill Pay
If you haven’t tried Bill Pay and its free unlimited payments yet, this video shows how you can set it up and make your first payment in under two minutes.

“Using Bill Pay for 5 locations has immensely reduced the amount of time I spend on paying weekly bills from an all morning endeavor to about an hour.  I have more time to focus on my other financial responsibilities.”
– Neal Shaivitz, Controller, Eggspectations/Mid-Atlantic Eateries, Inc.

Labor Expense Management

Get labor costs on your P&L and in Budgets
Combine labor costs with your food costs to track prime costs throughout the period in MarginEdge. MarginEdge pulls labor data from your POS and populates it onto new labor reports and your controllable P&L. To get an even more complete picture of your labor costs, you can also add salaried employees in MarginEdge.

If you want to track your labor costs against your labor cost targets, you can also create budgets to help you meet your labor cost goals.

Here’s an example of how labor could look on your P&L:

We’re soft launching this feature as we continue to improve it for an official Grand Opening in Q1 2021. Between now and the big launch, we’re working on additional permission levels to provide flexibility for who sees what.

We currently support pulling labor data from the following POS systems:

  • Toast
  • Revel
  • Positouch
  • Upserve (formerly Breadcrumb)
  • MobileBytes – NEW

Labor Integrations coming soon:

  • Aloha
  • Touchbistro
  • Micros

Interested in getting Labor in MarginEdge? If you use one of these POS’s and want to pioneer the beta version of Labor Expense Management, please contact


Don’t lose each other’s work!
We have a new pop up screen that warns employees if they’re about to make changes to an inventory count that may lose another employee’s work.

Faster load times
We have made significant improvements to how fast it takes to load all of your inventories, in some cases taking loading from minutes down to seconds.

Invoice Processing

Pinned email address
We’ve heard some feedback that it can be difficult to remember and locate your restaurant-specific email address for sending invoices. Now, we have the email address posted to the Orders page to eliminate any confusion going forward!


Prep sheet attachment
Order emails now include a prep-sheet attachment (CSV format) that can help you organize your prep by including a pack list in your orders.

New POS Integrations:

  • StayNTouch
  • Silverware
  • RPower

COMING SOON – Support for Multiple POS Systems in One Restaurant

Do you use multiple POS systems in your restaurant? If so, we’d love to hear from you to learn more about how you’re managing your sales and PMIX data across all your POS systems. If you’re interested in sharing your experiences, please contact

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