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I'm sure you know but late last night we cleared an important legislative hurdle on the way to seeing some federal assistance and financial relief. Not the last hurdle this package needs to cross and even then it will take time for the specific regulations to be written. Headline, it seems relief is on the way but too early to know when it might make its way to our businesses. We are watching closely and as any of this takes shape, you will be the first to know.

In other news that I am reticent to officially deem a bright spot, but definitely qualifies as less dark, the year over year numbers for open restaurants rebounded slightly a few days ago and seem to have held a bit. This could be because more businesses are turning on delivery and takeout options, or potentially the community is starting to rally around these folks with their dollars (like yesterday's Great American Takeout). No way to know for sure, but we will take these little glimmers where we can find them.

Hopefully we can provide details and next steps on securing elements of the stimulus package soon, until then stay safe.


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