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Still playing the PPP waiting game, but to entertain you while you wait we've created an industry survey and added a new view to our stats today!

After seeing the spike in the week-over-week view due to a couple of our partners doing a ton of holiday catering business (with an even bigger spike today!), we were curious if the same effect might have occurred on other days since this all began. Looks like the median and average tracked pretty closely up until the Easter/Passover impact.

Take away here for those of you still open might be to think about large format options for special occasions. While we don't have any major holidays pending after this weekend, maybe a birthday or anniversary dinner option that people could enjoy or send to friends who are celebrating solo this year (maybe include flowers or birthday cake?). Not sure exactly how it would look but we may have a sales opportunity anywhere where people are trying to maintain tradition in undoubtedly untraditional times.

Also today we are launching an industry survey to see if we can aggregate benchmarks and best practices to roll up and share with our community. Since everything is upside down and there is power in numbers, we thought we would take a stab at collecting data from you, crossing it with trends in our data set and pulling together key insights that hopefully help operators across the country.

The more responses we have the richer the data, so we would love if you would take five minutes to fill it out (and pass it along!):

We will keep you posted on what we find!

Stay safe,


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