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Can you believe that today marks four weeks since we sent out our first daily email? It is unbelievable how much has happened in such a short amount of time, and equally can't believe that four weeks can also feel like four freaking lifetimes. Super grateful for how our community has come together this month and hopefully four weeks from now we are on the path to a new normal.

Almost everyday I hear from folks in our network asking if anyone has received PPP or EIDL funding. I don't personally know anyone who has but if you have seen dollars make it to your account we would love to hear about it! I still feel like we are going to see the relief, but between the banks waiting on guidance, the SBA managing this project with a team of 4,000 and the negotiations in Congress I think we have a little more time to wait.

In terms of daily stats we see a leveling off of the Easter/Passover impact and a little dip for what I'm sure is related to closures for the holiday yesterday. I imagine things will settle back to "normal" this week. As far as closures go you can definitely see the impact of new state guidance in places like Georgia and Florida with their closure numbers driving up the overall a bit as well.

Last thing, we have had an amazing response to our survey and are really excited to start compiling insights this week. If you haven't had a chance, it only takes a couple of minutes and we would love to include your perspective:

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