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As the Beatles song goes, “I get by with a little help from my friends,” and that sentiment rings especially true in the world of business. Paul and John probably weren’t picturing a restaurant management system when they wrote those lyrics, but for MarginEdge, those words couldn’t be more accurate. 

MarginEdge's journey started in a restaurant (naturally) where our founders found themselves stuck doing manual invoice data entry and inventory in a tiny closet in the back of a kitchen, wondering why the love of food and hospitality came with so many papercuts.

marginedge0215201803_900xx4928-2773-0-94Bo and Roy, two of our founders, have more than 40 years of restaurant experience and know the challenges of running a restaurant like the back of their hands. Big or small, restaurant back offices were plagued by the same operational woes. With this wealth of industry insight and a background in successful tech entrepreneurship, Bo and Roy teamed up with two tech-savvy friends, Mike and Sam, to cook up something special. This collective wisdom fueled our mission to streamline restaurant management and eliminate operational headaches.

When a new restaurant opens, the first service is usually a soft launch for friends and family and the same was true for MarginEdge. Initially, we shared our platform with just a handful of industry friends learning how other operators used these tools and how much of a difference MarginEdge could make for them. 

The feedback was like music to our ears. It was clear from the get-go: this platform was a game-changer that could make life easier for all types of restaurant owners and operators.MEHappyhour-10-601x450-491dfb2

To this day, we're firm believers in the power of user feedback. It's the secret ingredient that takes a product from good to great. And that's precisely what it did for us. We listened to our clients, heard their needs and concerns, and made continuous tweaks to enhance our software, improving the experience for everyone along the way.

Since 2015, the challenges of running a restaurant haven’t changed all that much – they’ve just become much more complex. You've still got staff to manage, inventory to control, supplier relationships to maintain, and you’ll always be on the eternal quest for guest satisfaction. But things like inflation, labor shortages, and, oh yeah, that whole pandemic thing have made the need for truly great restaurant technology a need, no longer a nice-to-have. 

In meeting this need, MarginEdge still makes partnering with restaurants an integral part of its vision and ethos. Our recipe for success isn't a secret; it's about listening, innovating and relentlessly working towards automating the manual tasks that often weigh down restaurant operators so they can focus on what truly matters – providing excellent service and exceptional food to their customers. This feedback has brought to life valuable product updates such as our waste log feature, faster bill payment times and manual-category and recurring invoices so restaurants and their accountants can capture any expense with more robust invoice creation tools.

Along with being dedicated to partnering with and providing a great product for our clients, we know success also happens when information is shared with the industry at large. Every month we publish national sales trends, product price data and industry best practices because we believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. 

We are honored to be a part of Inc.’s 2023 Power Partners List not only because the accolade is only awarded to a select number of businesses each year, but also because it is a testament to our unwavering dedication to helping restaurants succeed, our commitment to listening to clients, and our passion for the industry. The List is determined based on Inc.’s own research combined with client recommendation scores and real testimonials, which makes this distinction so much more meaningful.

MarginEdge’s recognition affirms the hard work we’ve done to impact the restaurant management landscape and the invaluable role leading with hospitality has played in supporting our restaurant and restaurant accountant clients.

MEInterviewPanel-11In a world where customer satisfaction is the name of the game, we're proud to be behind-the-scenes partners, taking care of the nitty-gritty stuff so operators can shine where it matters most – with their guests. Our ongoing mission has been and will continue to be serving and empowering the restaurant community, sharing data and best practices to ensure the prosperity of our industry. So here's to our journey, to many more years of helping restaurants stay successful and to getting by with a little help from our friends. Cheers!



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