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Running a successful restaurant involves juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities, from managing invoices and inventory to keeping track of sales and budgets. It’s a full-on adventure – with every day bringing its own set of challenges. In this fast-paced industry, having the right tools and tech stack can make all the difference. 

You might think we’re talking about a spreadsheet or accounting software last updated in 2015 and requires a small sacrifice (or at least a quick prayer) to work properly on your back office computer. Thankfully, we’re not. 

Restaurant tech has dramatically improved over the last decade and not every tool requires you to be tied to your back office, drowning in paperwork and spreadsheets. 

The secret to reclaiming your freedom lies in the palm of your hand: a restaurant management system (RMS) mobile app. This digital sidekick lets you tackle all those time-sucking back-of-house tasks from wherever you are, giving you more freedom to focus on what really matters: creating a dining experience that keeps customers coming back for seconds.

Pay bills in your pajamas

Imagine this: it's Tuesday morning, you're still in your PJs before going into another 60 hour week, and your to-do list includes paying your vendor bills. Instead of immediately rushing to the back office, you can whip out your smartphone, review invoices and authorize payments with a few taps. Now you can put out whatever fire that needs to be put out first, without letting your recurring tasks fall

Tired of sorting through piles of paper invoices and manually writing checks? With mobile bill pay, paying bills becomes a breeze. The app allows you to seamlessly process payments, all while keeping an eye on your invoices and budgets in the same place. No more hidden fees or extra charges – just a simple and efficient way to manage your financial transactions. 

Your bills are settled while you sip your coffee (or chug it, time is money). It's like having a personal finance assistant in your pocket.

Invoices: snap, send, sorted (even at the corner market)

We've all been there – running to the corner market to grab milk because a few gallons were accidentally dropped in the walk-in. With an RMS mobile app, even impromptu purchases can be managed seamlessly. Snap a pic of your invoice right there, send it off, and voilà – the app takes care of the rest. mobile_invoice_approval_shopping
Even when you’re not making emergency runs to the store, paperwork can quickly pile up in the bustling environment of a restaurant. But fear not – RMS mobile apps make submitting invoices easy, and the best part is you don’t even have to be the one to submit them. 

No need to spend hours manually entering data or worrying about errors or forgotten invoices. Anyone you choose on your team just snaps a photo of the invoice using a tablet or their smartphone's camera and the app does the rest. You'll save time and reduce the chances of mistakes, ensuring your financial records stay accurate and up-to-date.

Taking inventory: counting made easy

Inventory counts used to be the stuff of nightmares –  clipboards, pens, and a pile of spreadsheets. Not anymore. With an RMS mobile app, you can manage your inventory with just a few taps. The app generates customizable count sheets based on your invoices, helping you keep track of your stock levels in a way that works for your team. 

Alphabetical product count lists? No thanks. RMS mobile apps let you sort products by shelf to sheet and even work in the walk-in when wifi is spotty. Inventory isn’t everyone’s (or, if we’re being honest, anyone’s) favorite task, but taking counts with a mobile app makes things a whole lot less painful. 

The app also syncs up with your orders and invoices, so you always know prices, what's in stock and what's running low. Whether you're at the restaurant or on the go, you know exactly what you have on hand. 

Plus, real-time cost updates ensure you're always aware of your food costs, helping you make informed decisions to stay within your budget.

Viewing POS sales data: insights on the go

Your POS sales data holds the key to unlocking customer trends and optimizing your menu. With an RMS mobile app that integrates with your POS system, you no longer need to be tied to a desk to dig into these insights. 

Wondering how yesterday’s sales went first thing in the morning when you wake up? Keep tabs on your sales performance wherever you are and whenever you want. With this data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions to optimize your menu, pricing and overall business strategy. It's like having a tiny crystal ball in your pocket.mobile_sales_car

Managing budgets: stay ahead of the financial game

Budgets are like a GPS for your restaurant's financial journey and an RMS mobile app gives you access to these vital coordinates anytime, anywhere. No more sprinting to the back office computer to check if you're on track or staying up all night worrying if you’ve gone over on labor this period. An RMS mobile app lets you view your budgets with ease, helping you track your expenses and revenues in real time. 

Staying on top of your restaurant's budget is essential for maintaining profitability by letting you identify areas where you can cut costs or invest more. And seeing your budgets in real-time means you can make impactful decisions before the period ends (when it really counts!).mobile-budgets-pint

Freedom to innovate, anytime, anywhere

The best part? An RMS mobile app liberates you from the confines of the back office. You can manage, strategize for and fine-tune your restaurant's operations from virtually anywhere. 

Need to pay an invoice while at your kid’s soccer game? Pull out your phone and pay it in the app. Need to do a quick inventory count of your top-selling proteins and someone’s doing their FoodSafe training on the back office computer so you can’t print the count sheets you need? Count sheets are just a few swipes away. Your restaurant's back office is now in your back pocket – and that's a game-changer.

In a rapidly evolving industry, embracing technology is key to staying ahead. A restaurant management system mobile app is your ally in streamlining operations, boosting efficiency, maximizing profits and getting you out of the back office and back into the dining room with your team and guests. 

By utilizing an RMS mobile app, you'll save time and reduce manual errors while gaining valuable insights that can transform how you run your restaurant. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to a more streamlined and organized way of managing your restaurant – all from the convenience of your smartphone. From paying bills to tracking inventory, and viewing sales data to managing budgets, this app puts the power of comprehensive restaurant management right in your hands.